Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) – Best Dim Sum Restaurant

Dim sum is a beloved delicacy in Hong Kong, and almost every Asian city. These days, it is hard to find authentic dim sum served in the traditional way. From my research i heard about Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) and many said it is one of the Best Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong.

I asked the friendly staff at Butterfly on Morrison Boutique Hotel how to get there. They were familiar with the restaurant, and told me it is famous and the food is really awesome. That made me all the more eager to go there.

With directions from them, I started my way to the nearest MTR to get to Lin Heung Kui. After a short time on the train, I reached the street where the dim sum restaurant is at.

The experience I had was so much better than I expected. I was very lucky, and met two kind local ladies who helped me understand more about this awesome restaurant, the history, the delicious food that locals love, and much more. You can see it all in the video further down.

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  4. Entrance to Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居)
  5. Lin Heung Kui, the Best Dim Sum Restaurant
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  7. Delicious Dim Sum at Lin Heung Kui
  8. Asia Travel Gems Final Word
  9. Where is Lin Heung Kui?
  10. How to Get There?

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居), the Best Dim Sum Restaurant – The Overview & Rankings

Name: Lin Heung Kui
Cuisine: Local, Cantonese, Dim Sum, Roasted Meats
Meals Served: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dinner
Dining Choices: Dine In, Take Away
Family Friendly: Yes
Prices: $$ out of $$$$$

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) Review

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Hong Kong Food - Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling)
Food Quality
Service Quality
Dining Ambiance
Value for Money


Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) is surely the best dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong that serves quality food at moderate prices. No wonder they won the Michelin Bib Gourmand award. Read review for info, photos & video.


Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居), the Best Dim Sum Restaurant – The Video

In this video, you will get to see the street where this restaurant resides. The video also shows views of the restaurant, how the food is served, how to order the food, and of course the actual awesome and delicious dim sum.

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About Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居)

Most people would hear of the famous Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) in Wellington Street. But to me, Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) at Des Voeux Road is the better choice. The two kind local ladies whom I had the privilege to meet also agreed.

*** Travel Tip: Do Not Confuse Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) with Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓). To me, honestly, Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) is better.

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) opened in 2009, and soon gained a huge and strong following among the locals in Hong Kong. Few years later, the restaurant was awarded the well deserved Michelin Bib Gourmand. This award is given to an eating place that offers truly exceptional food at moderate prices.

Michelin Bib Gourmand
Michelin Bib Gourmand

Speaking of the food, it is really mouth watering and tasty. More about that further down this article.

Before we move on to more about Lin Heung Kui, I would like to highlight that this is one of the last few restaurants that serves dim sum on a trolley. Till today, Lin Heung Kui offers you the traditional dim sum tea house experience.

Entrance to Lin Heung Kui

As mentioned above, I took the MTR to Des Voeux Road. Just a few minutes walk down the road, and I could see the sign that said ‘蓮香居’. But something was not quite right. Inside, was a man selling all kinds of knick knacks.

A quick glance to the side, and I noticed another sign that read ‘蓮香居’. This one had two red lanterns, each on the side of this sign. See image below.

Hong Kong Food - Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) Entrance
Hong Kong Food – Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) Entrance

And there was a proper entrance to a small lobby with a lift and a small retail selling Hong Kong snacks and biscuits. I walked right in and took the lift.

It will be easier for you to understand what I am talking about when you watch the video above. I filmed Des Voeux Road, and showed both signs as well as indicated which is the correct sign and entrance.

Lin Heung Kui, the Best Dim Sum Restaurant

The lift stopped at the second floor, and I stepped out. It was the dining area. See image below for a view of the restaurant.

Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) the Best Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong
Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) the Best Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, unless you are a big party, you will have to share a table with others. In this case, as you can see from the photo above, all the tables were occupied. So, I bravely walked to a table where only 1 person was seated, and asked if I could share the table with her? She smiled, and agreed.

That was the most fortunate thing I did that day. The lady was local, and very warm and friendly. Her friend, another warm and friendly lady, soon joined us, and they taught me many interesting things about dim sum, washing utensils, traditions, and the restaurant.

Two Kind, Warm and Friendly Local Hong Kong Ladies who helped me learned more about Lin Heung Kui
Two Kind, Warm and Friendly Local Hong Kong Ladies who helped me learned more about Lin Heung Kui

And I share their tips with you here.

*** Travel Tip: Dine on the second floor

The ladies told me that there is another floor of dining above us. This is the third floor. They told me that locals like them do not like to dine on the third floor. This is because the kitchen is on the second floor, and the trolleys of food comes out from the kitchen.

They make a round serving the second floor. Then they move up to the third floor. By doing so, most of the food are like leftovers for the third floor. Also, because most of the best and favorite dishes are taken by customers on the second floor, customers on the third floor get poorer choices.

*** Travel Tip: Get a table as close to the kitchen as possible

This is about getting the best and favorite dim sum before it is sold out. There are popular dim sum such as siu mai, har gow, and few more. Once these leave the kitchen on the trolleys, they get bought up by customers very quickly.

So, the customers at the tables closer to the kitchen get their hands on these favorites first. Many times, they are sold out before reaching the tables further away. I was very lucky to be seated with the kind and friendly ladies. Being experienced, they chose a table on the second floor and very close to the kitchen.

So, try your best to get seated on the second floor and as close to the kitchen as possible.

How to Order the Dim Sum?

Unlike most restaurants, there is no menu here for you to order the dim sum. The food is all served in trolleys. And I love it!

Dim Sum Served on Trolleys the Traditional Way
Dim Sum Served on Trolleys the Traditional Way

This reminds me of the old days when most dim sum restaurants did the same. Since a child, I enjoyed having dim sum brought to the table for customers to choose. And I have looked forward to this experience again here.

At such an eating place, you can wait for trolley to reach the table where you are seated. This usually will take a bit of time as the waitresses move along an aisle slowly. They do that so that customers can ask them what goodies are on their trolley. They will also stop to serve when a customer makes a choice from their trolley.

*** Travel Tip: Run to a trolley to see and ask the waitress what goodies they have

Do not be shocked when you see many customers doing this. Especially when word spreads that the trolley holds the favorite dishes.

The local ladies told me that when a new trolley of dim sum comes out from the kitchen, many customers will rush to see what goodies are there. This is because they do not want to miss out enjoying the good food.

Most of them do it because they are seated far away. And by the time the trolley reaches them, all the good and favorite choices are gone. And because this happens, even those closer to the kitchen may rush too.

And here are the steps to order:

  1. When you go to a trolley, remember to bring the order chit given to you or placed at your table next to you.
  2. Ask to see what dim sum the trolley has.
  3. Choose the dim sum that you like.
  4. Pass the order chit to the waitress.
  5. She will record the order, and return you the order chit.
  6. She will pass you the dim sum or you can simply take the dim sum.
  7. Then take the dim sum back to your table.
  8. Enjoy the delicious food.

Again, this process has been captured on the video above. I do suggest watching to see it all, and know what to do when you visit Lin Heung Kui.

Delicious Dim Sum at Lin Heung Kui, the Best Dim Sum Restaurant

Now we come to the best part of this article – the yummy dim sum! I know this is the part of the experience I enjoyed the most.

The dim sum is traditionally served in bamboo baskets. Here is a photo of the delicious Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling).

Hong Kong Food - Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling)
Hong Kong Food – Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling)

This is how they do Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling) here.

Hong Kong Food - Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling)
Hong Kong Food – Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Har Gow (Shrimp Dumpling)
Hong Kong Food - Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling) - close up
Hong Kong Food – Super Delicious Dim Sum known as Siu Mai (Pork Dumpling) – close up

The Siu Mai (Pork Dumplings) and the Har Gow (Shrimp Dumplings) were of fine quality. The taste and flavor were delicate and full. The freshness of these dim sum and all other food here were super fresh.

Please pardon me. But to be honest, I cannot remember the name of this next dim sum. Anyone know, kindly advice me?

To be honest, I cannot remember the name of this Dim Sum. Anyone know, kindly advice me?
To be honest, I cannot remember the name of this Dim Sum. Anyone know, kindly advice me?

As I was the only person, I was only able to eat a few dishes. Here are photos of the trolleys and the wide range of dim sum available. Again, when you watch the video, you can see more great dim sum.

Cha Siu Bao, Big Bao, Lotus Seed Bao And Many Other Baos
Cha Siu Bao, Big Bao, Lotus Seed Bao And Many Other Baos
Spring Rolls and Other Fried Dim Sum
Spring Rolls and Other Fried Dim Sum
Trolley Filled with Cheong Fun and Many Other Dim Sum
Trolley Filled with Cheong Fun and Many Other Dim Sum

Look at the delighted faces of satisfied customers!

Besides dim sum, the restaurant is famous for many classic Cantonese specialties such as the Lin Heung Special Duck. It is a popular roast duck. I did not try any as it would require a few people to finish a duck. Maybe next time when I invite a few friends to join me?

Lin Heung Kui, the Best Dim Sum Restaurant – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

Asia Travel Gems Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

After enjoying the awesome dim sum and experiencing the traditional way of serving it, I can see why Lin Heung Kui won the Michelin Bib Gourmand award.

The quality of the dim sum is exquisite. And the price is very reasonable. Add all that, and I can understand why they won the award.

I truly enjoyed the experience of having the food served in a trolley. It brings back such fond memories for me. Of days when my parents used to bring the family out for a dim sum lunch.

Plus, the really best part is the food. It is all so well made and of high quality. I can see the chefs putting all efforts to create consistent and high grade delicacies. Each dim sum is like an exquisite piece of art.

Then there is the fine taste of the dim sum. The best I have sampled for years. Each dim sum has the right texture that is soft and yet bouncy. As I bite into each fare, I can feel the soft return to each chomp.

I savored each dim sum. Each had its unique taste. Just the right amount of aroma to give that uniqueness to that dim sum. Each has the perfect balance in flavor.

Where is Lin Heung Kui?

Lin Heung Kui is situated at Des Voeux Road. While it is in Sheung Wan area, it is actually nearer to the Sai Ying Pun MTR Station. See the map below for orientation.


2/3F 46-50 Des Voeux Rd West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday (including public holidays), 6 am to 11 pm

Telephone: + 852 2156 9328

How to Get There?


Many websites say it is in Sheung Wan, and to take to Sheng Wan MTR. I learned from the local concierge at the hotel that it is actually closer to Sai Ying Pun MTR Station. And I have personally found this to be true.

Take the MTR to Sai Ying Pun MTR Station, and get out at Exit A2. Walk along Des Voeux Rd as indicated in the map about. It should take you about 4 to 5 minutes walk from the MTR station. Of course, the estimated travel time depends on how fast you walk.


There are buses to take you to Lin Heung Kui. Buses 94 and 973 will do that. But do check with the local bus timetable and routes as this may change over time. I highly recommend taking the MTR and walking to the restaurant. It is faster.


This is possible only if you are staying near the restaurant. At a hotel, you can ask for directions from the concierge.


While I prefer using Grab when I am moving about in a foreign city, this option is not so viable in Hong Kong. Also, MTR is cheaper and faster. It is very convenient as well. So, while I was in Hong Kong, I mostly went about using the MTR.

Also, Grab and Uber is not so widely used or available in Hong Kong. Better to take the taxi if you prefer or need to.

Take note that there are different types of taxis, and you can differentiate them by the color of the cab. The red taxis can take you anywhere in Kowloon, Hong Kong Island and the New Territories. The green taxis can only operate in the New Territories. The blue ones drive only on Lantau Island.

Generally, taxi drivers are honest. Just use the meter.

A common problem is language barrier. Many do not speak English well.

*** Travel Tip: Request your hotel concierge to write your destination in Chinese. Use this to show your cab driver. Also, remember to get the Chinese name of your hotel for the return trip.

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you have ANY questions about this review, about Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) – the Best Dim Sum Restaurant in Hong Kong , ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.


10 Replies to “Lin Heung Kui (蓮香居) – Best Dim Sum Restaurant”

  1. Hi, I am from Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing this information with us here. I tried this Lin Heung Kui once. Your Youtube video is great. The food was truly delicious and the experience was fantastic. If you are travelling in HK, I would highly recommend this restaurant to travellers.

    1. Hi Fiona! From Hong Kong. Wow! Good to e-meet you!

      Thanks for sharing your views on how good the food is. It truly is awesome, right? 🙂

      I am so happy and grateful you find the YouTube video great. I make a lot of effort to create the videos, and to constantly improve them.

      Totally agree with you that the experience of the traditional and authentic way of serving dim sum is priceless!
      And thanks for agreeing that this is an excellent recommendation for all travelers to Hong Kong.

  2. Thank you so much for this fantastic article. We, that is myself and the Mrs, LOVE Dim Sum but it is getting harder finding good Dim Sum here in Thailand. Hong Kong is still on our to Do (visit) list and after reading your post, visiting this place is on top of the list ! I really enjoyed reading you article, it made me smile and now I’m hungry for Dim Sum!!
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Marc! For your kind compliments of my article. I try my best. 🙂

      And wow! This is the highest praise that you have now put this place at the top of the list. It is truly worth the visit, and enjoying the tasty food. Especially since your lovely Mrs and you LOVE Dim Sum. You must try this then!

      You know, when I wrote this article, I too smiled and became hungry for dim sum. In fact, I went again yesterday at a restaurant in Singapore with my Mom. Sadly, it could not measure up to Lin Heung Kui. It is truly the Best Dim Sum Restaurant.

      Now, I yearn for Lin Heung Kui. Must plan a trip to Hong Kong again. 🙂

  3. I found this article quite educational and full of tradition and culture, as I had never heard of dim sum. As I was reading through the article, my husband walked up and was watching it with me, so I ask if he had ever heard of it. He said he use to eat in a dim sum restaurant all the time back in California. I shared the video with him and he said the place he use to visit was very similar where they brought the dim sum out on trolleys and you would pick what you wanted. I do hope that I have the chance to visit Hong Kong some day as this will definitely have to be a place that I go to eat. I will make sure to dine on the 2nd floor so I get the best choice when it comes out of the kitchen. Thanks for publishing such a great and informative article on this dim sum restaurant.

    1. You’re welcome, Dena. Glad you enjoyed this article, and found it helpful.

      Dim sum is really popular in Asia, especially among Chinese communities. It is a range of light snacks, either steamed or deep fried. In Hong Kong, the dim sum eating session is lovingly termed as ‘Yum Cha’. The literal English translation is Drink Tea. The term came from the concept that most people enjoy a pot of tea with the dum sum. They compliment each other very well.

      I had tea with the dim sum. And I can assure you the combination was very satisfying. 🙂

      Yes, do remember the tips from the lovely two kind, warm and friendly ladies. 2nd floor and near the kitchen as possible.
      I truly hope you visit Hong Kong soon. And enjoy this gastronomical experience.

  4. You are a wealth of information when it comes to traveling in Hong Kong and other asian countries, we will have to hook up and you will have to be my personal guide when we both retire.


    1. Thanks Jeff. We must definitely catch up when you visit Asia. You can also use my website as a guide, too. 🙂

  5. If there was a survey that asked how likely would I want to go to Hong Kong and try some Dim Sum after reading your post, my answer would be definitely. Great work!

    1. Thanks Thabo. If you did such a survey, kindly mention Asia Travel Gems. haha 🙂
      So glad you like this article, and website. 🙂

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