La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review

I was so excited to be in Bali for a holiday! During this vacation, my friend and I stayed at a villa. That’s right! We had an entire villa all to ourselves. All at a very affordable price! It was so awesome! And here is the La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review.

Before we get to the review, I would like to share with you how we came to the idea of staying at a villa. One of my students visit Bali quite regularly. In class, during breaks, he would rave about how he enjoyed sitting on the beach and relishing an ongoing flow of beer. His type of vacation.

I asked him about accommodations. That was when he gushed about some people who stayed at villas. They had the whole place to themselves. Like a bungalow with private pool and all.

I thought it sounded awesome. So, I suggested to my friend, and we agreed to book and stay at a villa in Bali. And after months of searching, we found this one.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review – The Overview & Rankings:

Hotel: La Villais Kamojang Seminyak
Room Rates: SGD 140.72 (USD 103.59) per night (as at October 2019)
Cheapest Place to Book: Agoda
Location: Jl. Pangkung Sari, Banjar Taman, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361
Hotel Rooms:

  1. Superior Room with City View
  2. Deluxe Room with Pool View
  3. Deluxe Lagoon with Pool Access


  1. One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool
  2. Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool
  3. Three Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review

Timotheus for Asia Travel Gems

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Villa Private Pool
Villa / Hotel Room Quality
Service Quality
Sleep Quality
Value for Money


La Villais Kamojang Seminyak offers an entire villa with private pool all to yourselves. Excellent and spacious for you and friends or family. Read the review for more details.


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La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review – The Video 

It was so nice to have an entire villa to ourselves. It made filming the place so much easier. The pathway to the villa, filled with lush greenery, was so peaceful. We had so much fun time at the private pool. The bedroom and bathroom were heavenly, especially after a day of touring. You got to see it to believe it. Watch the Video Now.

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About La Villais Kamojang Seminyak

When we arrived at La Villais Kamojang Seminyak, I only thought of the villa where we will be staying at. And for that moment, I totally forgot that this establishment actually has a hotel too.

View of Fascinating Sculpture and Hotel at La Villais Kamojang Seminyak
View of Fascinating Sculpture and Hotel at La Villais Kamojang Seminyak

At the lobby, you can see their restaurant, and the main pool (where every guest can enjoy a swim). Surrounding the pool are the hotel rooms.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Main Pool
La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Main Pool

We were shown past the main pool, and there was a beautiful path to our villa. The path was filled with lush plants, trees and beautiful flowers.

Beautiful Flowers and Lush Greenery along Pathway to Villa
Beautiful Flowers and Lush Greenery along Pathway to Villa

We arrived at our villa, and it was awesome! A whole villa to ourselves, and a private pool. While the main pool was nice, a private pool was better.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Villa Private Pool
La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Villa Private Pool

The villa also has a traditional-style Balinese entrance gate, living area, pavilion, dining area and kitchenette. More about the amenities and facilities further down this article. Or you can watch the video above to see everything about the villa.

This hotel is at the heart of Seminyak. So, it was very convenient to walk to cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment areas. Later, during our stay, our tour guide showed us how close we were to the night life scene.


One of the nice points about this place is that they offered both hotel rooms and villas. So, you get to choose which option you like. For hotel rooms, here are the following types:

Hotel Rooms:

  1. Superior Room with City View
  2. Deluxe Room with Pool View
  3. Deluxe Lagoon with Pool Access

I have seen the hotel area from outside. While it was nice that all rooms faced the main pool, I did not want to stay at a hotel room. It was something I normally did. I wanted something different for this vacation, and the villas were a superb choice.


  1. One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool
  2. Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool
  3. Three Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

We eventually chose the One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool. And we were so happy we did. When we stepped in to the villa for the first time, the feeling was super! The first thing that caught my eye was the private pool. For the next few nights, we had fun playing and enjoying at the pool, under the stars and moon.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak One Bedroom Villa
La Villais Kamojang Seminyak One Bedroom Villa

There was a living room next to the pool should you like to have a drink, watch the TV or simply relax and zone out as you gaze at the water in the pool. The kitchenette was complete but we hardly used it since we dined out for every meal.

The bedroom was spacious, and the king size bed was large and comfy. There was even a mosquito net that we could lower and cover the bed at night to keep the mozzies away. And we did that every night.

*Travel Tip: No worries about mosquitoes. Bali does a great job at controlling this insect. But if you feel you need some repellents, you can ask for anti-mosquito spray, lotion and coil from the front desk. They provide all these for FREE here.

Honestly, there need not be any concern for mosquitoes or any other insects. I believe the hotel is excellent at keeping these away. There was only one night where I heard a mosquito buzzing around my right ear. A smack at that area and use of the anti-mosquito spray soon dealt with that problem.

Bed with Mosquito Net
Bed with Mosquito Net

Continuing on about the villa, there was a work desk with a mirror in the bedroom. It ended up as a place to charge our phones and devices.

*Travel Tip: Speaking of charging electronic devices, the type of power sockets used in Bali are Types C and F. The voltage used is 230V and Frequency is 50 Hz. Make sure your equipment like phones use the same type. If not, remember to bring an adapter.

Travel Adapter to Use in Bali
Travel Adapter to Use in Bali

One of the side tables had a tray of fruits to welcome us on the first day. We kept them in the refrigerator, and enjoyed them by the pool for the next few days.

Welcome Platter of Fruits
Welcome Platter of Fruits

The bathroom was also very spacious. There was a bath tub and shower. Also, the usual bathroom sink and toilet. Watch the video to see how huge it was.


With different types of rooms and villas, there are different range of amenities. Sure, this makes sense, right? So, here they are.

Superior Room with City View, Deluxe Room with Pool View, Deluxe Room with Pool Access

  • Hot and cold shower
  • Telephone
  • LED Television
  • Air conditioner
  • Hair dryer
  • Safe deposit box
  • Tea and coffee making facilities

One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool, Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool , Three Bedroom Villa with Private Pool

  • Private swimming pool
  • King size bed
  • Pool gazebo and long chair
  • Living room
  • Kitchenette
  • Hot and cold shower
  • Bath tub
  • Refrigerator
  • LED Television
  • Air conditioner
  • Hair dryer
  • Safe deposit box
  • Tea and coffee making facilities
  • Telephone
  • Work desk

*Travel Tip: Besides the bottles of water provided, there is a water dispenser at the kitchenette. Free flow of drinking water.

Common amenities for all rooms and villas include:

  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Baby sitter service
  • Money exchange
  • Buggy ride to villa
  • 24-hour security
  • Free WIFI
  • Car rental
  • Doctor on call
  • 24-hour room service
  • 24-hour front office


When we were there, we noticed that on the ground floor there were a restaurant and bar next to the main pool. Also, from our villa, we could see that there was a rooftop dining area. More about these dining and entertainment places in the Food section below.

Just like our villa that has a private pool, each villa has one, too. It is not a really big pool. Then again, it is not a small pool either. I found the size just right. And the cool waters a delight whenever we took a break from touring.

For those who stayed at the hotel, there was the main pool. Not many people swim here. We only witnessed a few people once or twice. It could be that people are more keen to explore the city or bask in the sun at the beaches. We know we did have loads of fun at Petitenget Beach, nearest beach to our villa.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Deck Chairs at Main Pool
La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Deck Chairs at Main Pool

If you need to rejuvenate and recharge, there is the Adella Spa at this location. It is one of the luxuries offered here. Actually, we did not had any massage during this vacation. We always ended up relaxing at our own private pool.

When I returned to Singapore, I learned from my colleagues and students that the Balinese massage is one of the must-do pleasures in Bali. They said it was very different from other forms of massage. It truly relaxes and recharges you. Next time, I visit Bali, I will definitely try their massage!

*Travel Tip: The spa at hotels charge premium prices for high quality massages. But I heard that the massages outside are just as good. And at lower rates. Explore and find out more before deciding on which spa to get your special treat.

Service Quality

I found the service quality of La Villais Kamojang Seminyak to be erratic. Some of their staff were friendly, always with a smile, and ready to assist and help. Some never smiled and were simply cold. They even looked like they would rather run away than be present to assist us.

Thumbs Down

For example, when we approached the front desk, there were times when the staff looked unhappy that we were there. They did not greet us, and never smiled. And when we requested for stuff (which they should have provided or done; e.g. housekeeping), they answered they would look into it in a very robotic manner.

We requested for housekeeping because they did not do that for us on the second day. After check-in on first day, and having slept in the first night, the beds and items in the bedroom are in a disarray. We left for our tour on the second day, and expected the room to be all clean and tidy when we returned. To our horror, it was not.

To their credit, when we called for housekeeping to be done, the team came and have it all sorted out very quickly. They were great! They were friendly as they did their work. Even when they forgot to replace the used shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles, and had to return to give the new ones, they did it all with apologies and great smiles.

Hence, on the third day, we decided to give them a gentle reminder to make sure housekeeping was done. And that was another one of the times when we encountered bad service (the unhappy face and robotic response mentioned above).

Sleep Quality

Sleep is always important during any travel. And, if you read all my hotel reviews, you would know this is one ranking factor that is very important to me. I am sure it is important to you, too. After all, a good night’s sleep can make the next day a great day and fun.

We had very good sleep on the king size bed. It was just the right level of firmness. Not too soft until you sink into the bed and feel ‘trapped’ and unsupported. And not too hard that you would rather sleep on the floor.

Large King Sized Bed at One Bedroom Villa
Large King Sized Bed at One Bedroom Villa

The pillows were firm yet soft enough to rest and support your head. They were thick enough to cater to side sleepers. But as I slept, I did found the pillow started to sink a little. As such, the loft of the pillow did not support the distance between my head and outside shoulders enough. Overall, they were comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep. I believe being extremely tired after a full day’s tour helped.

Comfortable Pillows and Mattress at One Bedroom Villa
Comfortable Pillows and Mattress at One Bedroom Villa

Services Near the Hotel

We found that there are many convenience stores and mini marts along the road, outside the hotel. Every ten to twenty meters, there is a convenience store or mini mart. So, there is no worries to get snacks, drinks, suntan lotion, many personal items and needs, and even a hot meal like instant noodles.

There was even a convenience store just opposite the hotel. That was where we bought most of our snacks and drinks. And yes, ice cream. I bought the Magnum ice creams that usually cost nearly SGD 4 in Singapore. In Bali, they were only SGD 1 plus!

Good Food Nearby

We did not need to go far for meals. At the villa itself, there was the Teripta Restaurant and Cafe and the View Rooftop Bar Seminyak. But we did not patronize either because we preferred to explore the cafes and restaurants outside. We heard of some really good Bali Food, and we were intent on having that.

The Teripta Restaurant and Cafe was at the main lobby area. They served western dishes with Asian touch. Every morning, we glanced at the breakfast buffet spread, and we were unimpressed. We were so glad we chose to have breakfast at places like the Cafe Bali, and the Junction House.

The View Rooftop Bar Seminyak was located at the rooftop (duh) of the hotel. Buildings in Bali are not tall. The bar was at the top of a six-storey hotel. Not too high. So, don’t expect any magnificent panoramic view of the city like the hotel claimed. The hotel did boast of weddings held there. There were also cooking classes if that is something you like to experience.

Around the hotel, and nearby, about 10 to 15 minutes walk, there were many cafes and restaurants. From the entrance of the hotel, turn right and you can find decent dining sprinkled along the way. Turn left, and walk to Jl. Kayu Aya for plenty of cafes and restaurants along the entire stretch of the road.

For breakfast, the choices were few. Perhaps that was why most hotels offer breakfast? We did manage to find a few breakfast places like Cafe Bali and the Junction House. Both offer really tasty breakfast.

We knew that there were many local eating places that offer breakfast, but they were a little far from our hotel. Our tour usually started around 10 am because we wanted a slow, easy and relaxing vacation. Should your itinerary include local breakfast, we highly recommend you try it.

For lunch and dinner, we dined mostly wherever we were during the tour. But just for your info, when near lunch time and later, the food places in the areas mentioned above would have even more choices as more food and beverage places open for business.

Attractions Nearby

The attractions are nearby but not so near that you could walk to the sites within minutes. It is a better option to drive or be driven. We had an excellent tour guide (read more about him further down in How to Get Around Bali? section).

On our first day of tour, it took us about 30 minutes, by car, to Petitenget Beach. Our tour guide informed us that this was the beach nearest to our hotel. Near our hotel, there were also the famed Ku De Ta Restaurant, Potato Head Beach Club, Oberoi Street of Seminyak.

Where is La Villais Kamojang Seminyak?

As the name of the villa indicated, it is located in Seminyak. More accurately, it is in the district of Kerobokan.

Address: Jl. Pangkung Sari, Banjar Taman, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia 80361

Phone: +62 361 739118, +62 361 737 975


*Travel Tip: Rather than book direct, it is better to book via You can compare prices and get the best deals. I have also noticed that prices on are lower than the rates offered at their website.

How To Get There?

By Train

There are no trains to get to this villa. Everyone takes a cab or already have transport arrangement with hotel or tour guide.

By Private Car with Driver and Tour Guide

Most people choose this option. You can contact the driver/tour guide before your vacation. And arrange for them to pick you up from the airport when you arrive.

The rate is included in the package, and I have found that it is very affordable. In fact, if you take a cab or the airport taxi, you will be charged more. I discovered this the hard way when we had to pay around USD 18 for a one way trip from the airport to the villa. And this was in a bluebird taxi.

Also, with a private car, it is more comfortable. Again, the bluebird cab that we took was a little cramped. If you travel with your family, a private car will be very comfortable. The tour guide we had, Kadek, drove a car that could easily accommodate a family or 6 people. In addition, he was an excellent tour guide.

*Travel Tip: The ride to the villa was around 40 minutes. Depending on where you stay, the ride can take quite a while. Make sure you get a drink, sit comfortably, and enjoy the view from the ride. P.S. Kadek makes sure there is a 1.5 litre of water for every passenger.

By Airport Taxi

Do not take this option. They have bad reputation. And the price is the same as a Bluebird taxi (USD 18), which is a better choice than this. Still, the private car with driver and tour guide is the best option.

By Public Taxi

The best of this option is the Bluebird taxi. You can try to ask them to go by meter, but usually they will charge a fixed rate. As mentioned, ours was USD 18. Again, the best choice is the private car with driver and tour guide.

By Public Bus

There are buses to different parts of Bali. Unless you are very familiar with the routes, I suggest you take the Bluebird taxi or the better choice of private car with driver and tour guide. Especially if you are traveling with family, do not take this transportation.

Should you wish to try the public bus, look for the terminal that is on the ground floor. Follow the signs or ask around.

By Hotel Transfer

Some hotels, like La Villais Kamojang Seminyak, offer airport transfers. Depending on your hotel package, you may get it for free.

There are those that offer this at a price. It is worthwhile asking the rate, just to compare prices.

By Motorbike Taxi or Gojek

This can be a choice if you are traveling alone or with friends who are ok with this mode of transport. But you cannot have luggage. Best is you have only a backpack.

You can find the Motorbike taxi riders hanging around the Starbucks or Burger King. Agree on a price before you hire the ride. One thing to note, the prices can be not much better than taking a taxi or Grab.

For Gojek, you need to get the app installed on your smartphone in order to book a ride. You need to book this in advance. Or you will have to wait for your driver to get to where you are, and that can take a while.

*Travel Tip: Not recommended. Only choose this if you travel light and are familiar with Bali.

By Grab

Uber has exited Asia. There is a similar service called Grab. It works just like Uber where you download the app on your smartphone, set up an account, and make bookings via the app. The prices are confirmed when you book, and payment can be cash or credit card.

Although I like taking Grab when I travel, Bali is one place where I do not like to use this app. I find it better to hire a private car with driver and tour guide.

Getting Around Bali

You can read all about how to get around in my article about Indonesia. In that article, I explained about the various modes of transportation available in the various cities like Bali.

I do find the best way to get around Bali is to hire a driver who is also a tour guide. There are so many fascinating and interesting places to visit in Bali. And it can be quite a lot of work to organize the ideal itinerary to see as many of these attractions as possible within the limited days of your vacation.

*Travel Tip: Make your vacation stress free. Get a tour guide. It is also cost efficient.

When we were planning our Bali vacation, we did some research and found some places we would like to visit. At the same time, we wanted a relaxing vacation and take our time to explore and enjoy our time there.

Timotheus, Than and Kadek, Our Balinese Private Driver and Tour Guide
Timotheus, Than and Kadek, Our Balinese Private Driver and Tour Guide

Kadek helped us to plan the ideal itinerary. He clustered the places of interests that were in the same districts so that we do not rush from one end of Bali to another. Plus, he arranged the schedule as we desired – light and lots of time to immerse into each location.

*Travel Tip: Visiting Bali and need a reliable, trustworthy and excellent tour guide? Kadek and his team can make your vacation a truly enjoyable one. Write a comment below, and I will connect you to him.

La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

When you search on the Internet, you will see photos of La Villais Kamojang Seminyak where the rooms, villas and amenities look really nice. That is, looking clean and well maintained. Don’t trust those photos.

As you can see my photos and videos, generally the entire place is quite lovely. But the furniture and furnishings are not well maintained. In fact, they look quite run down.

Some people may find this charming. I do not deny that. For example, when you watch the video, you can see the awnings looking very old and worn down. But some people may say they have character.

Sure. I get that. But when the furniture has cracks and looks like the it is at the point of falling apart, the charm flies out the villa. For example, we found the side tables have cracks. It could collapse at any time. In fact, the mosquito net fell apart on our last night of stay.

Another reason for the low rating is because of the inconsistent service quality. They should train all the staff to be friendly, helpful and with a sincere smile. After all, they are in the hospitality trade. Plus, there are many other choices out there.

This is not to say this hotel is a total failure and you should give it a miss. I do find that there is some value for money. And the villas are nice. With the 3 bedroom villa option, I can imagine an entire family or large group of friends bonding and having a great time there.

Plus the convenience of excellent dining and entertainment within easy access. And good quality sleep, lush greenery, and awesome private pool. These points saved this place from getting a poor 2.0 or even a 1.5 rating.

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you have ANY questions about La Villais Kamojang Seminyak Review, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.


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    1. You’re welcome, JRandZen. Like you, I had wanted to visit Bali for the longest time. Always ended up in other cities. I am so happy and grateful that I finally did visit this awesome island. It is truly breath taking. You really should visit soon.

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    1. You are so right, Sharon. I too will book a villa next time when I travel to Bali. It was so nice to have the entire place to ourselves. Especially the luxury of our own private pool.

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      Have fun and enjoyable vacations!

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