Tanah Lot Temple

It was a beautiful sunny day in Bali, Indonesia. The perfect kind of day to visit one of the Best Places to Visit in Bali. It is the Tanah Lot Temple. The sky was blue. The sun was bright. And there was gentle cool breeze to make sure we did not feel too warm.

You have most probably seen many photos and videos of this awesome place on the Internet. I know we did. But trust me when I say the photos and videos are nothing compared to actually being there. To immerse yourself and experience this amazing sight.

This is probably why Tanah Lot is one of the most popular temples in Bali, Indonesia. Everyone who has been to Bali, Indonesia must have visited this beautiful temple by the sea. That late morning, after a lovely a stroll along Echo Beach, we made our way here.

We took photos and videos of this enchanting place that are shared in this article. Plus, we will mention the most Instagrammable spot here. There are also useful tips in this article. And don’t forget to read the part about the mystical and magical thing here at Tanah Lot Temple.

Tanah Lot Temple Review

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Tanah Lot Temple is one of the icons of Bali, Indonesia. When in Bali, you must visit this beautiful and enchanting place. Many Instagrammable spots.


Video of The Tanah Lot Temple

The video takes you from the shops outside the temple, to the gates at the entrance, to Tanah Lot temple and the grounds as well as the famous Batu Bolong. While a video can never compare to actually being there, it is good enough to give you an idea what to expect. And helps you plan your visit to this wondrous place.

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What You Need To Know About The Tanah Lot Temple?

As we explored this beautiful setting, I wondered what was the meaning of the name, Tanah Lot? With research, I found that Tanah meant Earth, and Lot meant Sea. Together, the name meant Land In The Sea.

Well, that seemed very appropriate to me. When I looked at the temple, I could see that it was situated on a huge rock that was at the edge where the shore met the sea.

Tanah Lot Temple Built On Rock At Edge Where Shore Meets The Sea
Tanah Lot Temple Built On Rock At Edge Where Shore Meets The Sea

It was also called Pura Tanah Lot. Pura meant Temple. And this was one of the seven ocean temples that resided along the coast of Bali. All these seven temples were created to protect the island from bad energies.

Tanah Lot Temple is one of the most popular icons of Bali. And I could see why. The imagery of the Balinese temple on a large rock, facing the wide open Indian Ocean with waves crashing below was mesmerizing.

How Did The Tanah Lot Temple Get Its Name?

Back in the 16th century, a religious man named Dang Hyang Nirartha, created this three-temple system. In the north, there was a temple for Brahma. The middle of the island would have a temple for Vishnu. And in the south, a temple for Shiva.

Tanah Lot Temple Front View
Tanah Lot Temple Front View

One day, he saw little rock island. The rock was bird-shaped, and was known as Gili Beo. He decided that this is a holy place, and would build a shrine there. The villagers in that area protested. He then moved the whole rock island to the sea. And he built a temple there, naming it Tanah Lot.

His powers to move the rock amazed the villagers. They soon followed him.

What is the Dress Code at The Tanah Lot Temple?

I was quite relieved to find out that there was no dress code at Tanah Lot Temple. Not like Uluwatur Temple where we had to wear a sarong. But that was also because visitors were only allowed to explore outside Tanah Lot Temple. Access to the temple was only given to worshipers.

What to See at The Tanah Lot Temple?

The main attraction is of course, the Tanah Lot Temple. But when we first arrived, we saw the gates at the entrance, and that is a pretty nice thing to see here, too.

Tanah Lot Temple Gates at Entrance
Tanah Lot Temple Gates at Entrance

We walked to the north, and we saw Batu Bolong Temple. This was where another worship area was located. The rock is famous for its unique look. There is a hollow overpass that links the rock to the mainland.

Batu Bolong Temple
Batu Bolong Temple

As with Tanah Lot, visitors are only allowed to visit outside the temple here.

After visiting the temples, we decided to walk the huge grounds. The landscape scenery was lush and lovely. Lots of trees and flowers. And there were resting areas where visitors could sit for a while. These resting spots were also carefully planned such that you can enjoy the magnificent views.

Travel Tip – The resting spots also were great photo opportunities. Take a look at the video above to see what I mean.

What Is The Magical Spring at The Tanah Lot Temple?

Before we entered this attraction, our private tour guide looked at us very seriously, and told us that there was a small cave with a magical spring. He highly recommended that we find this cave, and drink from the spring. It was said to bless everyone who drank the water, and bring good luck and fortune, too.

Tanah Lot Mystical Fresh Water Spring
Tanah Lot Mystical Fresh Water Spring

We were intrigued, and we looked out for this spring. It was easy to spot. There were so many people queuing to be blessed. We joined the queue, and were soon blessed, given bija and a jepun flower. In return, we gave a small donation.

Another thing our tour guide highlighted to us was that the water from the spring is like fresh water. It can be drunk. And this, he mused, was the mystical part of this temple. It was surrounded by the salty Indian Ocean water. And yet, somehow, the water from the spring is not salty, and totally drinkable.

Travel Tip – If you like to get a sip of the spring water and be blessed with good luck and good fortune, make sure you arrive at Tanah Lot during low tide. The spring can only be reached when it is low tide.

Why Are There Snakes at The Tanah Lot Temple?

Opposite the temple, we saw another cave. This time, a sign proudly proclaimed that there are snakes inside that cave. I know, right? Snakes!

I did not like the idea of being anywhere near that. But I found out that the snakes were part of the temple history. They were summoned by the god to protect the temple from evil intruders.

If you are all right with snakes, you could visit them. They were also said to bring good luck to anyone who touched them.

How Are The Views at The Tanah Lot Temple?

Just like Uluwatu Temple, the Tanah Lot temple faced the Indian Ocean. As such, the views here are awesome! Here is one that is on the other side of the temple.

Tanah Lot Temple Has Many Awesome Views
Tanah Lot Temple Facing the Vast Indian Ocean

And this one is looking from Tanah Lot Temple towards Batu Bolong Temple.

More Great Scenery at Tanah Lot Temple
More Great Scenery at Tanah Lot Temple

There is a walkway where you can position yourself, and take awesome photos with Batu Bolong Temple and the Indian Ocean as the backdrop.

Great View of Batu Bolong Temple
Great View of Batu Bolong Temple

Where is the Most Instagrammable Spot at The Tanah Lot Temple?

As you can see from the photos above, there are so many awesome views at Tanah Lot Temple. Each of them is Instagram worthy. When you are there, you can see so many people taking photos at various spots there.

So, my suggestion is to walk about and take your pick. Or maybe you can take a photo at each spot, and post them all on Instagram?

The Tanah Lot Temple – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

Tanah Lot Temple is truly accurately named as one of the icons of Bali, Indonesia. The unique rock structures that the temples are built on are fascinating.

The mystical spring water from an area filled with salty ocean water is enchanting. The unusual rock formation of Batu Bolong is worth visiting, and taking an Instagram pic with.

Thumbs Up

I give this place a Thumbs Up!

When visiting Bali, this is another one of the places you must visit. Spend a couple of hours here. Enjoy the sea breeze. Soak in the calming sight of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Where is Tanah Lot Temple?

Tanah Lot Temple is located in Tabanan. It is 30 kilometers from Denpasar.


What are the Operating Hours at Tanah Lot Temple?

Tanah Lot Temple is open daily 7 am to 7 pm.

Travel Tip – Avoid the crowd. Go early.
Crowd builds from 10 am.

When is the Best Time to Visit The Tanah Lot Temple?

Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

If you like to watch the sunset at Tanah Lot Temple, then reach there after 4 pm, and before 6 pm. But please take note that this is the peak hour. It will be very busy and crowded.

Travel Tip – Wanna watch the sunset here?
Arrive after 4 pm and before 6 pm.

Low Seasons at Tanah Lot Temple

If you prefer less crowds, then it is best to visit during low seasons.

Travel Tip – Prefer less crowds?
Low season is from mid January to mid April,
and mid September to mid December

In our video, you can see that it was not too crowded, even though we were there around noon. This was because we visited in early October, when it was low season.

Odalan at Tanah Lot Temple

Odalan is celebrated every 210 days. There are rituals that are interesting to watch. Also, renowned is the way the Balinese women are beautiful dressed during this special occasion. They carry offerings on their heads gracefully, and walk to the temple for prayers.

Travel Tip – If you can, visit during Odalan.
Lots of colorful sights during this celebration.

What is the Address of The Tanah Lot Temple?

Jalan Raya Tanah Lot, Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan, Bali 82121, Indonesia

What is the Entrance Fee of Tanah Lot Temple?

It is currently (in 2019), IDR 60,000 for adult foreigners, and IDR 30,000 for child foreigners.

Travel Tip – Payment for tickets is Cash Only. So, please prepare the right amounts before you come here.

How to Get to The Tanah Lot Temple?


There are no mass rapid transit trains in Bali. So, there is no train service to The Tanah Lot Temple. Better to take taxi or get a tour guide. See below.


It seems there are buses to Tanah Lot Temple. But it is much easier to take a taxi or get a private driver / tour guide. See information below.


BlueBird taxis are reliable. You can try to ask for meter. But be prepared to bargain for a fixed rate before you get into a cab. My ultimate guide about Indonesia gives more information about this.

Grab or Gojek

This is like Uber. Read more about this and other choices of transport in my Indonesia article. My advise – do not choose this option when going to The Tanah Lot Temple.

Private Driver / Tour Guide

I highly recommend hiring a private driver / tour guide. It saves so much time to be driven and guided by someone familiar with the island. Plus, he can plan your itinerary so that you get to visit the best places. He will also cluster the attractions that are in the same area so that you do not waste time traveling here and there unnecessarily.

If you need a private driver and tour guide, please contact me. I can connect you to Kadek.

Scooter or Motorcycle

In Bali, you can rent a scooter or motorcycle at a very cheap price. But I do not recommend this. It is dangerous. Many tourists and locals have lost their lives because of this mode of transport.

If you ever choose this, please wear a helmet. Be safe.


Sure. If your hotel is nearby, and within walking distance. Otherwise, best to go by taxi, Grab or private driver.

Before the end of this post, I would like to share a few more tips:

Travel Tip – Please do not take photos directly in front of worshipers

Travel Tip – Please do not step over or tread on offerings called canang sari

Canang sari are offerings that are palm leaves woven into a small box. There are flowers, herbs, money and snacks inside. These offerings are to appease the spirits. Please be careful and watch where you are going.

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We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

If you have ANY questions about this post – Tanah Lot Temple, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.


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  1. You are one lucky ducky to experience so many beautiful places in one lifetime many of us only dream about, I am one of these people who only have dreamed of experiencing the beautiful places in our very large world.

    Beautiful photographs and descriptions that give me the feeling I was there right beside you the entire vacation.

    Thank You for the experience

    1. You’re welcome, Jeff. And you are right. I am lucky, and I am grateful for all the wonderful experiences at all these beautiful places. It is one of the reasons why I created this travel blog – I like to share what I see, hear, eat and experience.

      I hope that people will enjoy all these, and be inspired to travel and enjoy all this world has to offer. I am happy that you feel as if you were right there with me for the vacation. I hope all readers will experience and enjoy the same. And also be inspired to travel.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you for your article! I really appreciate the Asian culture, and the Tanah Lot Temple looks like a beautiful place to visit! The pictures are breathtaking, and your background information is certainly enticing! I almost feel like I’ve already been there. The Temple gates at the entrance and the front Temple view are beautiful!

    Thanks for the delightful information!

    1. You’re welcome Joanie. I am so happy and grateful that you enjoyed and appreciated this article. And very happy you like the photos, and found them breath taking.

      Please do watch the video too. It can be watched in full screen, and you will enjoy the views much better.

      Also, do join my travel community. You will receive updates whenever I publish new places. Plus, you get updated when I feature great travel offers. 🙂

  3. I know 1 or 2 people who have visited Bali but don’t know too much about the place. Your article highlighted at least one interesting site that seems worth visiting.
    I kept wishing the pictures on your page were bigger so that i could see more detail but it seems your website design does not allow for that. You might try making your pics clickable links that load large high resolution when clicked.
    Thanks for an informative article.

    1. Thanks for visiting my travel article, Frank. And yes, Bali in Indonesia is definitely worth visiting. I am planning to visit again, and many times more.

      The photos are not large because of the theme I am using. I did consider making them larger. Maybe I might do that in the future. In the meantime, I have a suggestion – please watch the video I made for this place. The video can be watched in HD. This means you can watch it in full screen, and enjoy seeing Tanah Lot Temple in higher resolution and great detail. Let me know if this pleases you?

      Also, please do join my travel community to receive updates when I publish new articles. 🙂

  4. I really love your post. Very informative! You helped me learn more about the Tanah Lot Template and the next thing that I want to do now is to plan for a journey: visit some places in bali. Thank you so much for the information.

  5. Although I have visited Tanah Lot, it is only now I got to know where the name, Tanah Lot comes from. Your article is very informational. Thanks!

  6. Hi Timotheus,

    Thank you for this great article taking us through your enchanting trip to the Tanah Lot Temple.

    Your review of the meaning of Tanah Lot was interesting. It triggered our memories of some of the Bahasa words that we have come across when we were last in Southeast Asia.

    We love reading through the history of Tanah Lot, amplified by your matching photos of the various attractions. And the video made the experience real – it seemed like we were right there!

    Incidentally, is it possible for any visitor to enter the temple and worship, if he/she has the time?

    1. You’re welcome JR and Zen! I am so happy and grateful that you enjoyed this article. And found the information I presented useful, helpful and interesting.

      I am very pleased to hear that the article and video helped you to feel as if both of you were right there with me! That is what I intended for the article, and especially the video to be.

      Visitors are not allowed into the temple at any time. Only worshipers are allowed. To be a worshiper, you have to follow the rules strictly. For example, one of the rules is that you must wear traditional Balinese clothing that is approved by the temple. As you can see, it is not easy to do so. Unless you really plan ahead, and get permission as well as learn all the rules and dress as required.

  7. I was captivated by this post from beginning to the end. The beauty of Tanah Lot Temple that you both describe and show through the amazing video is indeed breath taking. Thanks for this treat.


    1. So sorry for the late reply, Thabo. I had been busy with the major event – Chinese New Year.

      Thank you so much for the kind compliments on this post. I am very happy and grateful you enjoyed it. Especially the video. I do like sharing what I see and experience with video and photos.

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