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Things To Do In Ipoh

When I first mentioned to my friends that I am going to Malaysia, and Ipoh will be one of the towns I will visit, I received a lot of advice such as “Not much to see there”, “One day is enough time spent in Ipoh“, and so on. To my surprise, when I finally visited this charming small town, I find that there are a lot of Things To Do in Ipoh.

In fact, the one day I was advised to spend was not enough. I will definitely need to visit this enchanting place again.

Beautiful Mural Art

Things To Do In Ipoh - Mural Art - Click on Image to Read More
Things To Do In Ipoh – Mural Art – Click on Image to Read More

Just like Penang, Ipoh boasts a living gallery of Mural Art all around this small town. Done in brilliant colors and black and white, there are plenty of mural art for you to discover and enjoy. Read my blog post to see where to find these masterpieces.

Kek Look Tong – A Piece of Paradise

Things To Do In Ipoh - Kek Look Tong (極樂洞) - Steps to Entrance

A little distance from the main town is Kek Look Tong. It is a large cave with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites.

There are altars of images of Buddha and other heavenly beings carefully placed around the cave without affecting the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

Behind, there is a little piece of paradise. See the photos and video of this wonder.

First Concubine Lane – Refreshed and Cool Again

Er Nai Gang (), which actually means First Concubine Lane.

The Concubine Lanes is rich with history and culture. Today, the First Concubine Lane has been given a fresh coat of paint and looks awesome! There is so much to enjoy here – chic hotels, cool cafes and restaurants, unique retail stores, and more.

Ho Yan Hor Museum – How Tea Played a Part in History

A peddler that would cycle around and sell the tea

There are many museums in Ipoh. Each is different and offers different subjects that are interesting.

There is a museum that focuses on the culture of Ipoh. The Ho Yan Hor Museum brings you back to time to the humble beginnings of this enterprise, and shows you how this business grew over time till today.

The interesting part of this is how this business played a part in history and society, helping to mould both to the town it is today.

If you have ANY questions about the Things To Do In Ipoh, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels,


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