Penang Food

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Everyone says the same thing – When you visit Malaysia, you must visit Penang, and you must experience the wonderful and delicious Penang Food! And this is true. I have a few reviews of the food for now. But trust me, I will be back for more. I may even go for an entire tour just enjoying the food. What do you think of that?

Assam Laksa at Air Itam

The Delicious Bowl of Assam Laksa - really good!

Look at that photo above. That is the quality Assam Laksa served at this stall in Penang. Where is it? How does it taste? Is it really that yummy? Read my food review to find out.

Tiger Char Koay Teow

The famous Tiger Char Koay Teow from George Town, Penang
The famous Tiger Char Koay Teow from George Town, Penang

There were many Char Koay Teow stalls that claimed to be the best tasting. We tried the one at Penang Road. Then we tried this one. Is it really delicious? Read my food review to find out.

Cendol at Penang Road

The Famous Chendul aka Cendol, Chendol or Cendul

There is only one cendol stall in Penang that is truly the best. And along that same street, there are many copycats. Read my review of this delicious dessert to find out which is the authentic stall that serves the best cendol in Penang.

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre

Famous Indian Rojak stall at Gurney Drive

I recall eating at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre when I was a young boy. My Mom and Dad brought my brother and I to enjoy the tasty dishes here. How has this eating place changed? Is it still as good? Is it worth going there? Read my review to find out.

If you have ANY questions about Penang Food, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

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