Penang Food – Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)

Penang Food – Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)

For the past few days, we enjoyed lots of delicious Penang FoodChendul, Assam Laksa, and more. And there was one more dish we have yet to try – the Penang Char Koay Teow. It is a mix of white flat noodles (hor fun) with egg, prawn,  bean sprouts, cockles and chives fried with sweet sauce and black soya sauce.

We explored the popular food street – Carnavon Street – and found the well known Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条). It is located at the junction of Lebuh Carnavon and Lebuh Melayu.

Join us today as I share with you this culinary delight, including what it is, where to find it, how to get there and why this is one of the Penang dishes that you must try when you visit this enchanting city?

Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) – The Overview & Rankings

4 Star Rating

Name: Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)
Cuisine: Asian, Local, Penang Food
Meals Served: Tiger Char Koay Teow
Dining Choices: Dine In, Takeout, Outdoor seating
Family Friendly: Yes
Food: 4.0 out of 5.0
Service: 4.0 out of 5.0
Value: 4.0 out of 5.0
Atmosphere: 2.0 out of 5.0
Prices: $ out of $$$$$
Asia Travel Gems Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) – The Video

What does Carnavon Street look like? Where is Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) located along this street? How is the dish cooked? What does it look like? What else is available at the same coffee shop? Answers to all this, and more in the video below. Enjoy watching!

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About Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)

Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) is a food stall inside a coffee shop named Kafe Ping Hooi. This coffee shop is located at the junction of Carnavon Street and Malay Street.

Location of Tiger Char Koay Teow - at junction of Carnavon and Malay Street
Location of Tiger Char Koay Teow – at junction of Carnavon and Malay Street, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved

There are many famous and popular Char Koay Teow stalls in Penang. Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) is often listed as one of the top few. The stall received its name from the owner and also founder of this brand. His name has the Chinese word ‘虎’, which means ‘Tiger’.

Tiger Char Koay Teow Stall
Tiger Char Koay Teow Stall, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved
Grandson of Tiger who took over from his grandfather and now runs the stall successfully
Grandson of Tiger who took over from his grandfather and now runs the stall successfully, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved

Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)

It was a crowded morning. Business as usual for them, I am sure. We were fortunate to be able to secure an empty table. After we seated, we ordered the food.

Tip: When you see an empty table. Quickly get it!

There was a bit of wait time for the food to arrive. Yet, it was not that long a wait. When it landed on our table, we could smell the fragrance. Mmmmm.

The famous Tiger Char Koay Teow from George Town, Penang
The famous Tiger Char Koay Teow from George Town, Penang, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved

A first taste and we were awed! There was that fragrant taste that Chinese call ‘Wok Hei’. It is not easy to describe this taste. But most Chinese recognize it. And it is something not easily found with most cooked foods nowadays.

Then the heavenly mix of flat noodles with bean sprouts, cockles, prawns, eggs and chives. Flavors that were so full and glorious!

The servings were small. So tempting to order another plate. But, we held back because there was so much more Penang Food to try.

How to Order the Food?

Simply look for the servers dressed in orange polo t-shirts. Give them the order. Tell them where you are seated. Then wait for the food to arrive.

Server at Tiger Char Koay Teow
Server at Tiger Char Koay Teow, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved

Tip: Payment is immediate upon delivery of the order. Cash only.

Lobak King (五香卤肉)

There were other foods available at Ping Hooi Coffee Shop. Another popular food stall was the Lobak King. They sold the popular five-spiced pork rolls (also known as Ngoh Hiang), and many other items such as bean curd, battered fish, prawn fritters, tofu skin (bean curd skin), and more.

Lobak King food
Lobak King food, © 2018 Asia Travel Gems All Rights Reserved

The food was served with two types of sauces. They were the sweet dark sauce and spicy chili sauce. If you are not able to take spicy sauce, just dip the food in the sweet dark sauce.

Everything we ordered was fried to a crunchy crispness. The taste was flavorful. Together with the sauce, it was pure delight!

Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

Your Penang trip will not be complete without a taste of the popular Penang Char Koay Teow.

4 star rating

And my recommendation for this delectable dish? Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条).

It is simply unforgettable. Even today, as I write this post, I am thinking of returning to George Town, Penang to enjoy the taste of it.

Every ingredient contributed to the full flavor and taste. The prawns were juicy and fresh. The bean sprouts were crunchy. The other ingredients created a mix that pleased the palate.

If only the dining conditions were better. Then again, it is a coffee shop, and it does make it more enchanting.

As I mentioned, the serving was small. While it may be just enough for some, I wanted another plate. I have to fly to George Town for that. And I will do it.

Tip: Take your time. Enjoy each bite. Or you will be like me, yearning for it again.

How To Get There?

Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条) is located at the junction of Carnavon Street and Malay Street. You can’t miss it. The signs are big enough to be seen from afar. See the map below for actual location.

Address of Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条):

179, Carnavon Street, 10300, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Operating hours:

8.00 am to 2.30 pm, Daily

Contact Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条):

Phone: +60 16-458-0926

By Foot

We did walk to this place by foot. But that was only because it was near the hotel where we stayed – Cititel Express Penang. Check with your hotel concierge if it is within walking distance. If not, then consider catching a cab or take Grab.

 By Train

There are no train services.

By Bus

There is a Free bus service operated by Rapid Penang. It can bring you to major attractions, shops and city events. It is called the Central Area Transit (CAT). Get a map from their website, and simply board their buses at any specially marked stops on specified routes. The only concern here is that you will have to travel within their bus schedules.

By Car

If you drove to Penang, you are at an advantage. Traffic is not as heavy as cities such as Kuala Lumpur. Navigating around is easy, especially if you have Waze app. There is ample parking spaces on the streets. But may be full on peak periods.

By Taxi

They rarely go by meter.

Tip: Negotiate and agree on a price before you take the taxi.

Better Tip: Do not take the cab, go by Grab (see below).

By Grab

This is my preferred option. One reason is that there is no need to negotiate. Another is that the price is usually reasonable and affordable. No hassles.

It is so easy to travel around in cities now because of Grab. Just download the app, state your destination, a driver is assigned to you, take the transport, and you arrive at your destination. Comfortable and easy.

I have switched to Grab for my travels within a city ever since this option became available.

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If you have ANY questions about this review, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels,


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Penang Food - Tiger Char Koay Teow (老虎炒粿条)
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  1. I enjoyed your post and the photographs were delicious and interesting, I liked how you shared where you ate this delicious unique meal in Penang.

    The food appears especially tempting, it made my mouth water just imagining the delicious taste of the food.


    1. Thanks Jeff! Glad you found the photos good enough to tempt you. haha
      Wait till I get the new Canon camera. The photos and videos will be better. 🙂

  2. The dish surely looks delicious. I would love to try it. I like that you’ve also included several ways to get there for first time visitors.

    1. It really is delicious! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back to Penang for a food feast!
      Thanks! I have been wondering whether to place the ‘how to get there’ info in every post or in a page where I can point everyone to. Glad to know you found it good and helpful.

  3. Thanks for this article and the more I read your articles for Penang the more I would like to visit. It sounds like this would be an awesome dish to have when exploring Penang and most everyone is up for a coffee shop. I am looking forward to more articles on Penang in hopes that someday I will have the chance to visit.

    1. Thanks Dena. Glad the Penang articles have encouraged you to visit the beautiful city. It truly is awesome place. And the food is amazing! Please do come back for more articles on Asia. Also, please do read about the other cities. And sign up for the Best Places to Visit in Asia newsletter for updates. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolyn. Glad you love my site. Do sign up for the Best Places To Visit in Asia newsletter to get updates. 🙂

  4. It sure does look to be a very exciting place, Penang. The food is so different from what I am used to. You describe the meals in a way that I get hungry!
    I like the videos you add to your posts. It was really interesting to see how it looks like in a Malaysian restaurant – very busy, many people, which means the food must taste delicious.


    1. Hi Pernilla. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the article. Penang is a really exciting place. I have plans to visit the city again and again.

      And thanks for liking the way I describe the meals. Very happy it made you hungry. Goal achieved! haha

      Yes, that was my intention for all the videos at Asia Travel Gems – to show people what the places really looks like. To capture the hustle and bustle, the crowds, the seatings, the food, and more.

      For more foods to get you more hungry, do visit our features on foods in various cities – Penang Food, Ipoh Food, Kuala Lumpur Food, Singapore Food, Hong Kong food, and more. 🙂

  5. Hello Tim,
    This was a very fun read. I think you did an excellent job of making me feel that I was right there with you enjoying the food and ambiance. I must say the food looks delicious and made me want to get some. With your eye for details and a solid knowledge of Asian food you made this post easily one of the best I have read by anyone on this topic. The videos are very effective. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Thabo. Thanks for the kind praise. I am very happy to hear that you felt you were right there with me, enjoying the food, the place, and people. It is what I truly wish to achieve for this website.

      The food really is delicious. I am planning a visit to Penang again. But my schedule is so busy. I must try to find a weekend for a vacation there again.

      Once again, thank you for your kind praise. I am encouraged to do better, to create better posts, share more interesting foods, places, hotels, attractions, and more. And especially capture better photos and videos. 🙂

  6. Ah… It’s the lunch time now since I read this interesting article. That really makes me hungry when I see those foods. I really want to try that famous Char Koay Teow especially Lobak King. You know my favorite food is fried food. So that is really interesting. I definitely go to eat there when I visit Penang.

    Thank Timotheus for the useful information and tips. Have a great day to you.


    1. Hi Ratana, Great Day to you too!

      Glad my article made you hunger for the famous Tiger Char Koay Teow. haha. It is really delicious! And the Lobak King … oh my! I am hungry now too! haha

      I hope you do get to visit Penang. And when you do, remember to book your rooms and flights via Agoda. Simply Click Here to claim the offers.

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