Things To Do In Singapore

Update 31 May 2020 – Added 48 Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore is a small island. A really small place. Just a dot on the world map. And yet, there are many Things To Do In Singapore.

Here is a list of them. As you will see, there is a wide variety of things to do. There are some fun activities like going in the Night Safari. Some cool activities like going on the edge of the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands. And educational activities like the National Gallery of Singapore.

Each of them appeals to different people in different ways. So, take your time go look through the list, and see which ones you are interested in.

48 Things To Do in Singapore

48 Things To Do In Singapore
48 Things To Do In Singapore

Looking for a list of things to do in Singapore. Here are 48 of them. All guaranteed to keep you interested and have a great time in Singapore.

Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
Changi Airport Kinetic Rain. Click image above to Read More about this popular attraction.

The Kinetic Rain Moving Sculpture at Singapore Changi Airport is stunning. The way the droplets move in sequence and form patterns, it is simply mesmerizing. In this article, there is a video of this sculpture that went viral. Check it out. Read More

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