Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

This article is about a really beautiful moving sculpture that is the Changi Airport Kinetic Rain in Singapore. It also includes a video that went viral on Facebook. So don’t miss watching it. And see why many people have given praises like awesome, mesmerizing, meditative waves of lovedrops, and very amazing. This moving sculpture is surely well liked and is one of the Things To Do In Singapore.

This viral video started as an innocent request from one of my Facebook friends. He told me that he read on the Internet about a sculpture that moves. It was located at Singapore Changi Airport. He asked if I could take a photo or video of it, and show it to him.

Actually, I knew and have always loved this modern sculpture. For years, I wanted to capture the contemporary sculpture in video. In 2014, I had the Sony Xperia Z1, which enabled me to take great photos and videos. Now, with it, I could finally do the sculptor justice.

I promised my Facebook friend to do it, and on September 14, 2014, I took the MRT train to Tanah Merah station. Then I switched to another train that took me to Singapore Changi Airport. Next, I walked to the SkyTrain station, hopped on a SkyTrain and arrived at the departure hall of Terminal 1 at Singapore Changi Airport.

It was easy to spot the Kinetic Rain. It is a large installation, and can be seen from almost anywhere in the departure hall of the airport’s Terminal 1.

The moving sculpture was definitely a sight to behold. Something you only see here. The way the ‘raindrops’ slowly floated down from above, the patterns the ‘droplets’ created, it was mesmerizing! Below is the video I took of the Changi Airport Kinetic Rain. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

* Tip: Watch the video ‘HD’ (high resolution) with sound on. Switch on subtitles if you like to learn more about Changi Airport Kinetic Rain.

Credits: Music in video by Kevin Macleod – Dream Become Real

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This Video Went Viral

The video reached 937,000 views on Facebook and 26,957 people shared it. As of 9 August 2017, on YouTube it has reached over 26,000 views and still growing.

Here is a screen shot of statistics:

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain video went viral on Facebook, 937,000 views & 26,957 shares
Screen Capture from Facebook © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

It was amazing and such a thrill for me. Before that, I never had any of my content go viral. I am so happy!

About Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

The Kinetic Rain is undoubtedly the centerpiece of Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 1. It is the world’s largest kinetic sculpture with 1,216 raindrops made of aluminium and highly polished copper.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
Changi Airport Kinetic Rain © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Each of these raindrops weigh 180 grams and is suspended by a thin wire. The wires are moved up and down by computer-controlled motors. The entire group of raindrops’ movements are orchestrated, in a slow and fluid manner, such as to form shapes. These shapes all have meaning related to the topic of flight; for example airplane, kite, hot air balloon and even a dragon.

It took two whole years for artists, animators and programmers to create the Kinetic Rain. The design firm is from Germany called Art+Com. The creators designed it to be something for people to look at, contemplate and reflect.

They indeed fulfilled that goal. I could see people hanging around it, watching, and simply immersing in its gentle dance. Even people who watched the above video gave comments that they felt relaxed as they viewed it.

It was Mesmerizing!

About Changi Airport

I love visiting Changi Airport! Whenever I have free time, and a friend happen to depart for another country or return from one, I would grab the opportunity to drop by. Many times, even without any reason or excuse, too.

These days, many Singaporeans also do that. The reason is Changi Airport is much more than just an airport.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - Mickey & Minnie Mouse photo op at Changi Airport
Mickey & Minnie Mouse photo op at Changi Airport, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

It is like a huge mall with lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and fast food eateries. There are also many points where there are fun activities, and even photo opportunities, just like the photo on the right.

This year, in 2017, air travelers named it the World’s Best Airport at the 2017 World Airport Awards. It earned the honor for the fifth year in a row.

Location of Changi Airport & Kinetic Rain

As you can see from the image below, Changi Airport is situated at the far east of the island. There are many ways to get there. I will just name the more common ways locals and tourists use.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - Singapore map show location of Changi Airport
Location of Changi Airport on Singapore map, source: Google Maps

How To Get To Changi Airport?

It is easy. Earlier I mentioned one of the ways – via the Singapore train system known as MRT. This is one of the most convenient and cheapest form of travel in Singapore. And the train takes you all the way to the airport.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - MRT Map
MRT & LRT System Map, source: transitlink

Whichever train line you are on, you can switch till you get on the Green Line.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - MRT to Changi Airport
From Tanah Merah to Changi Airport

The Green Line is also known as the East-West line. Go towards Pasir Ris direction.

When you reach Tanah Merah station, alight and take the line towards Changi Airport. It is only 2 stops away from Tanah Merah station.

There are other ways to get to Changi Airport; such as by bus, taxi or even your own car. I prefer the train and that is why I explain more about it here.

If you wish to take the bus, please go to the Singapore Bus Services website to find out more. If you choose by car, taxi or private rentals such as Grab or Uber, that is quite simple and easy. Just follow the signs on the road and around and at the airport to guide you.

How To Get To Kinetic Rain?

Usually, when I reach the Changi Airport MRT station, I will head towards Terminal 3. Note that there is no direct way to Terminal 1.

At Terminal 3, I look for the signs that direct me to the Sky Train. Go to the Sky Train platform, and wait for the shuttle train to arrive. The Sky Train will take you to Terminal 1.

Alight from the Sky Train when you reach Terminal 1. Walk out into the Departure Hall. Walk a little further into the center of the area, and you will surely see the Kinetic Rain.

That is all for this blog about this lovely and mesmerizing moving sculpture. I hope that if you visit Singapore, you take the time to see it.

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.