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43 Food To Eat In Singapore

43 Food To Eat In Singapore
During the coronavirus pandemic, dining in is not allowed in Singapore. Meanwhile, take note of these food to try, for the time when we can all eat out again.

I am based in Singapore, and there are so many types of food here to enjoy. Today, I present to you 43 Food To Eat In Singapore.

Do take note that this is not an exhaustive list. I do my best to try to feature only Singapore food.

And I am aware that there are also food from other countries served here in Singapore; such as Thai food, Italian food, western food, Korean food, etc. I do not add these to this list. Maybe I will do another list of foreign food in Singapore later.

For now, here is this list. Do note that in each of the list, I have recommended places to try the food. Again, this is not an exhaustive range. Also, I am sure there are many more places serving the food better than what I wrote here.

If you do know of a new place or an existing food place that serves better food, please do share, and let me know in the comments section. After all, we are a community, and sharing is caring, right?

Note – the numbers are not to indicate any ranking. The food is simply listed in alphabetical order.

#1 Bak Chor Mee

Almost every hawker centre and food court that I have been to in Singapore has at least one stall selling this popular dish. It comes in dry or soup choices you can choose the type of noodles you’d like to have.

Then it is cooked with minced pork, pork balls and braised mushroom with soya sauce and vinegar. For the dry version, you can choose to add chilli or tomato sauce or both sauces.

Where to Try

There are many Bak Chor Mee stalls that are famous for their taste. And always have long queue of loyal customers. There is a well known Michelin Star stall at Crawford Lane. It is called Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. I have tried it before it earned the Michelin Star. I found it too sour. Maybe it suits your taste?

I much prefer the Bak Chor Mee at Jalan Tua Kong Lau Lim at Bedok Road. Love the flavors, and chewy noodles texture.

#2 Bak Kut Teh

When the weather gets a little cooler in Singapore, this is one of the dishes I would enjoy having. There are a few different varieties of Bak Kut Teh. Most stalls sell the version where the soup is flavored with garlic and pepper.

In the soup, there are tender pork ribs cooked to succulence and juiciness. It is eaten with rice. Some places serve side dishes with a set. And many Bak Kut Teh stalls offer the option of having this with fried dough called Yu Tiao.

Where to Try

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is the only Bak Kut Teh brand that has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand. I have tried it with my family, and it is not bad. A good alternative is Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Soup Eating House at Rangoon Road.

#3 Chai Png – Mixed Economic Rice

Would you like to enjoy a meal that is USD3 or less? You can at any Mixed Economic Rice stall, also called Chai Png stall. The dishes are all pre-cooked and displayed at the front of the stall. You pick and choose the dishes you would like to add to your plate of rice.

The dishes are cooked every morning. And the menu changes daily. Here are a few examples of what is prepared – sweet and sour pork, chicken cutlet, chicken curry, stir fried binjal with sambal chilli, mixed vegetables, steamed egg, fried egg, and many more.

Where to Try

Chai Png is quite common, and you can find it at almost every coffee shop, hawker centre or food court. Just look for a stall that sells a lot of dishes displayed at the front. Also, the stall name would say – Mixed Economic Rice. Look at the queue to decide if the food is popular. Usually, a sign if the taste of the food is good or not.

#4 Char Kway Teow

This is a dish where noodles are stir fried with an egg, some vegetables, slices of fish cakes and Chinese sausages. Some stalls still cook it with cockles. If you like your Char Kway Teow with cockles, you have to ask if the stall cooks with it. If they do not, please do not insist.

When you order, you have to say if you would like to add chili or not. For me, I have it usually without chili. And I ask for more dark sweet sauce because I like the sweet taste and the lovely dark hue of the dish when cooked with it.

Where to Try

Just like the above Bak Chor Mee, not all stalls serve the same great tasting Char Kway Teow. Also, everyone’s taste for this dish is unique. But most people would agree that the one served at Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee is delicious. The stall is located at Hong Lim Food Centre. Be prepared to queue more than an hour during peak periods.

Hill Street Fried Kway Teow at Bedok South Road Market & Food Centre is also popular. The ‘wok hei’ (a kind of smoky flavor that brings out great taste in local food) is undeniably present and good.

#5 Chicken Rice

This is one of the most famous dishes of Singapore. Fortunately, there are a few chicken rice stalls near my home that serves really decent tasting ones. So, I get to enjoy it few times a month.

There is a choice of steamed or roasted chicken. It is served with fragrant rice cooked with chicken stock, garlic and ginger. On the side, there is usually slices of cucumber. Enjoy the dish with chili sauce. I would drizzle dark soya sauce on the rice for extra flavor.

Where to Try

The most famous Chicken Rice stall is Tian Tian Chicken Rice at Maxwell Food Centre. Look for long queues, and double check that the sign says Tian Tian Chicken Rice. Other good choices are Yet Con Hainanese Chicken Rice at Purvis Street, and Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice that has quite a few outlets in Singapore.

#6 Chilli Crab

I have enjoyed this dish since a young boy. My parents would bring us to the old Seafood Centre, and we would have a set meal of seafood dishes. The highlight was always the Chili Crab. Back in those days, we dip slices of white bread into the yummy chili sauce. The combination was delightful. Today, most places serve this dish with the option of man tou (Chinese bun).

Where to Try

Roland Restaurant at Marine Parade Central claims that they are the creator of the Chili Crab. It is a title heavily contested as there is no proof of who originally created this dish. Nevertheless, the Chili Crab here is really great tasting, and the crab and other seafood is really fresh.

Other restaurants that serve good Chilli Crab are Red House Seafood Restaurant, Tunglok Seafood, and No Signboard Seafood.

#7 Chwee Kueh

I was at odds whether to add this to this list. This is because some people eat this as a side dish, and some people have it as a snack. I will be writing a list of snacks to try in Singapore. Ah well, I will add it here, and also on the snack list.

This is a very light dish to eat. It is made of soft steamed rice cakes. Usually, one person would eat at least two cakes. And if you are dining with friends, multiply the number accordingly. Oh, and the cakes are served with aromatic oily radish that really adds to the taste.

Where to Try

One of the favorite places with Singaporeans is Jian Bo at Tiong Bahru Food Centre. Another, and this is my favorite, is Bedok Chwee Kueh that has been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand.

#8 Claypot Rice

Claypot Rice is a dish where the rice and ingredients are placed inside a claypot, and cooked. You can choose what ingredients to have in the claypot. For example, the most popular is the Chicken Claypot Rice. This choice has pieces of chicken and slices of Chinese sausages included in the pot.

Then the pot with all the food inside is cooked. The preferred result is that the rice at the edges of the claypot is almost cooked to a crispy texture. When the dish is ready, some flavoring such as soya sauce and sesame oil are added.

Where to Try

One of the popular stalls serving this is at Holland Drive. The name of the stall is New Lucky Claypot Rice. To me, I find the Claypot Rice at Geylang Claypot Rice, located at Beach Road, to be one of my favorites.

#9 Curry Chicken Noodles

I just had this dish a day ago before writing this article. And it is so piquant and delicious. The broth is supposed to be curry. But I find it more similar to laksa (more info about laksa further down, #20 on this list).

You can choose white rice noodles called bee hoon or yellow noodles. It is boiled to cook. Then added to the curry which has tau pok (fried bean curd), slices of tender chicken, and bean sprouts.

Where to Try

A colleague of mine, who is from Canada, loves the Curry Chicken Noodles sold at Hong Lim Food Centre. He says the one sold at Ah Heng Chicken Curry Bee Hoon Mee is the best tasting. This is another hawker stall that won a Michelin award.

Alternatively, if you find the queue too long, you can try the stall downstairs. It is called Heng Kee Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee. I heard it is not too bad, too.

#10 Dim Sum

Dim Sum is not originally from Singapore. But it has become a popular food to enjoy here. I am one of the many people who enjoy dim sum a lot. I love to have it with Chinese tea.

It is a range of small dishes such as BBQ Pork Buns, Prawn Dumplings called Har Gao, Pork and Shrimp circular dumplings called Siew Mai, Rice rolls with either prawns or BBQ Pork slices called Cheong Fun, and many more delightful food.

Where to Try

There are many restaurants that serve really good Dim Sum. There is the famous Tim Ho Wan from Hong Kong. And there is the traditional Red Star Restaurant where they still serve Dim Sum on trolleys.

#11 Duck Rice

For this dish, you get a choice of having it with white rice or yam rice. The braised duck is cooked till it is tender and succulent. Then sliced and served with a boiled egg and some pickled vegetables. Every bite of the duck should be bursting with flavor.

Where to Try

Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Chap at Chinatown Complex Food Centre is one of the choices to try this. It is unique from other Duck Rice stalls as it serves with a Japanese style lava egg with runny yolk. Another good choice is the Duck Rice at Long House Soon Kee Boneless Braised Duck , now located at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.

#12 Fish Beehoon Soup

Whenever I feel like having something light, Fish Beehoon Soup is a good choice. The soup is hot and milky, and added with thick white vermicelli (bee hoon). You can choose to have slices of fresh fish that is cooked with the soup, or deep fried fish.

Many of these stalls also serve the Sliced Fish Soup, which is a clear broth. Slices of fish with slices of tomato and bean curd goes with this dish. It is delightfully light, and eaten with a bowl of rice.

Where to Try

One of the popular places to enjoy Fish Beehoon Soup is at Beach Road Fish Head Beehoon. Take note that the stall is not at Beach Road. It is actually located at Whampoa Food Centre. The one at Blanco Court Fried Fish Noodles is very popular too. Strangely enough, it is at Beach Road.

#13 Fish Head Curry

Oh, this is one of the foods that I find is so rich and yummy! I love the sour and spicy curry taste that is a little sweet too. But not too sweet. And the meat of the fish head is so soft, tender and flavorful. My favorite thing to do is to pair this meal with mango lassi. Perfect combination!

Where to Try

Most Indian stalls and restaurants sell this dish. Even Chinese seafood restaurants have a Chinese version. One of the best restaurants to try is Muthu’s Curry at Race Course Road. A definitely must try! Another stall that sells yummy Fish Head Curry is Xin Yuan Ji at Tan Quee Lan Street.

#14 Fishball Noodles

I find this almost similar to Bak Chor Mee (listed as #1 above, only because this listing is in alphabetical order). The difference is that instead of minced pork, pork balls and braised mushroom, the noodles are served with fishballs and a little bit of lettuce. The fishballs are made from fresh fish, and have a soft and bouncy texture.

You can ask for the dish to be served dry or in soup style. The dry version includes chili or tomato sauce, vinegar and soya sauce. The soup is a clear broth that is tasty. I like to order the soup version on days when I feel like eating something light.

Where to Try

Almost every food court or hawker centre has a Fishball Noodle stall. There are popular ones like Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles at Amoy Street Food Centre, Li Xin Teochew Fishball Noodles (available at various outlets in Singapore), and Song Kee Fishball Noodle at Tembeling Road.

#15 Fried Carrot Cake

Another dish that can be a main meal or a snack. I am adding to this list because my Mom sometimes have it for breakfast or lunch. It can be quite filling.

The dish consists of pieces of radish cake that is stir fried. Comes in white or black versions. The white version is the original taste of the radish cake fried with seasoning and egg. The black version is the same with the additional dark sweet sauce for that extra flavor.

Where to Try

These days, Fried Carrot Cake is sold at the same stalls that sell Fried Hokkien Mee and Fried Kway Teow. Today, it is rare to find a stall selling solely Fried Carrot Cake. But there ar some, such as Ang Moh Kio 107 Carrot Cake at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4, Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake at Bukit Merah View, and Ghim Moh Carrot Cake at Ghim Moh Road.

#16 Hainanese Curry Rice

Do not be surprised that I did not know of this food until my 30s. I learned of Hainanese Curry Rice from ex colleagues who wanted to have it one day. They insisted to buy from Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice at Jalan Besar. I tried it, and to be honest, I was not impressed.

It is a unique Singapore food in the sense that it is a mix of Chinese and Malay influence. You get to choose a few dishes like deep fried pork chop, pork belly, mixed vegetables, fried egg, etc. And then they lather the entire plate with this gooey looking curry. It is tasty. But somehow I could never find it palatable.

Where to Try

Still would like to try this dish? Go to Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice at Eng Hoon, No Name at Bukit Ho Swee Beo Crescent, Feng Kee at Pasir Panjang, or Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice at Jalan Besar.

#17 Hokkien Mee

I used to think that all Fried Hokkien Mee are the same. That was until I tried the one at Bedok Food Centre. The Hokkien Mee sold by Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee has a unique flavour. And it is very delicious.

Most Hokkien Mee stalls cook the dish with mostly yellow noodles. Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee cooks theirs with a nice mix of vermicelli and yellow noodles. Ingredients added are prawns, squid rings, few pork belly slices, egg and pork lard. There is a distinct prawn aroma, from the prawn stock used, that is just nice, making the dish flavourful.

Where to Try

You can find stalls all over Singapore selling Fried Hokkien Mee like Swee Guan Hokkien Mee at Lor 29 Geylang, Tiong Bahru Yi Sheng Fried Hokkien Mee, and Chia Keng Hokkien Mee at Chomp Chomp Food Centre. But I still find the one sold at Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee the best. The stall always has a long queue of customers, and is located at Bedok Food Centre.

#18 Kaya Toast

Ahhhh. This is one of Singapore’s favorite breakfast meal. Toasted bread is slathered with butter and kaya; also known as coconut jam. The jam is made of coconut milk, sugar, eggs and pandan flavor.

Most people buy the set which includes a hot or cold beverage, the kaya toast and soft boiled eggs. I like mine with coffee or yuan yang, which is a mix of coffee and tea.

Where to Try

One of the most popular places to enjoy Kaya Toast is at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. Alternatives have emerged, such as Wang Cafe and Coffee and Toast. Frankly, I like Wang Cafe. And of late, Coffee and Toast is proving to be really good, too.

#19 Kway Chap

Do not try this if eating pig parts is not your taste. Kway Chap is a set meal that comes with broad rice noodles in fragrant soy sauce and herbal soup. On the side, you get pig’s parts like braised pig intestines, sliced pork and pork skin. Also, egg and dried bean curd. You can also opt for a la carte, and choose the sides you like to have.

Where to Try

The Blanco Court Food Centre Kway Chap is famous. It is now located at Old Airport Food Centre. I have tried it, and it is really good. Alternatives like Old Bugis Kway Chap at Sengkang Square, Boon Tong Kee Kway Chap Braised Duck at Zion Riverside Food Centre, and Lao San Kway Chap at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 are also good.

#20 Laksa

The soup that is Laksa is similar to curry. But unlike curry, it is cooked with cockles, prawns, fishcake, dried bean curd and bean sprouts. Also, there are these laksa leaves added to it that gives it the unique flavor. Also, how the dish got its name – Laksa.

I enjoy Laksa when there is good one around. So, do take not that not all Laksa are the same. Some taste weak. Some taste all right. And some taste like what Laksa should taste as.

Where to Try

Katong Laksa is famous. But be careful. There are copycat stalls and restaurants. Sungei Road Laksa is also popular. And I do really like their laksa. It is so rich and flavorsome.

#21 Lor Mee

Another gooey dish. Lor Mee has thick flat yellow noodles in thick starchy gravy, which is prepared with spices and seasonings. A bowl of Lor Mee will include slices of pork belly, boiled egg, sometimes fish cake, bean curd, and some bean sprouts.

Where to Try

Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee is popular and there is always a long queue of hungry customers. It is located at Old Airport Road Food Centre. If you must try Lor Mee, this is the one to have. Another popular stall is Lorong Ah Soo Lor Mee at Hougang.

#22 Mee Rebus

This is another of my favourite Malay dish. I love the spicy potato-based gravy. It’s thick, a little bit sweet and a little bit sour. Served with yellow noodles, boiled egg, small cubes of fried bean curd, and bean sprouts. I always ask for more bean sprouts. They add a little crunch to it.

Where to Try

One of my favorite Mee Rebus stalls is Afandi Hawa & Family Mee Rebus at Haig Road Cooked Food Centre. Their version’s gravy is very flavorful. I suspect they use some mutton to add to the taste, and it’s delicious. Another good one is at Inspirasi Stall at Bedok Town Centre.

#23 Mee Siam

This is another Malay dish. The word ‘Siam’ in the name is in reference to Thailand. And when you try it, you will understand why. The broth is slightly sweet and mostly sour. This is almost similar to the Thai Tom Yum soup. Except that it’s less piquant.

In the broth you’ll find orange coloured thin rice vermicelli, a hard boiled egg, small cubes of dried bean curd, and bean sprouts.

Where to Try

You can’t go wrong with Jia Xiang Mee Siam at Redhill Lane. They have been selling Mee Siam for around 50 years. Other choices include Shi Xian at Ang Mo Kio Market and Food Centre, and Grandma Mee Siam at Tekka Centre. Many say the latter is one of the best mee siam in Singapore.

#24 Mee Soto

This is one dish I rarely have. To me, it is nothing great. Just a noodle soup. But if you like to know more, here is what it is.

Mee Soto is actually an Indonesian-style noodle soup. The soup is light in taste but can be a bit oily. Together with yellow noodles, you get shredded chicken and bean sprouts. That’s it.

Where to Try

Fans of Mee Soto have spoken. The dish served at Warong Pak Sapari Mee Soto & Mee Rebus is the best in Singapore. The other choice is Warung Soto at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre. And those who tried said it is just as good.

#25 Murtabak

See #36 Roti Prata. This dish uses the same Roti Prata. The difference is a bigger piece of prata is used, and it is filled with meat such as mutton, chicken or even fish. Pieces of vegetables and onions can also be added in.

If you like Roti Prata, you might want to try this, too. It is aromatic and spicy. Served with curry sauce for you to dip a cut piece of Murtabak into. Then with all the curry, you take a bite. Some people like to pour the curry over the whole piece of Murtabak, and then cut it into to bite sizes to consume.

Where to Try

Tekka Market has many stalls that serve this delightful Indian dish. Zam Zam at North Bridge Road is one of the more popular places to enjoy this dish.

#26 Mutton Soup

This Singapore version of mutton soup has been losing popularity over the years. I believe one reason is it is not viewed as a healthy meal. Another reason is that the aroma can be quite strong and overwhelming. Some people do not like it.

For me, I enjoy a good bowl of mutton soup. The soup comes with pieces of mutton parts cooked to a tender texture. There is a sweet aroma of a mix of herbs from the soup that I particularly like.

Where to Try

There is one stall known to serve mutton soup that is not so strong tasting. Many have said it is quite pleasant and flavorful. Also, the soup has a nice aroma because of the herbs used. The stall is Chai Chua Tou Yang Rou Tang at Bukit Merah View Food Centre.

#27 Nasi Biryani

This is Indian cuisine, and it is fragrant. Nasi means ‘rice’, and they use basmati rice for this dish. The rice becomes a nice range of yellow to orange color due to the strong spices used for cooking this meal.

A complete set is the Nasi Biryani with a choice of meat in curry. The meat can be chicken, fish or mutton. My favorite version is the mutton Biryani. Pickled vegetables are served on the side, and they blend perfectly in taste.

Where to Try

Some say the Dum Nasi Biryani at 50A Dunlop Street is the best. For me, I like the one at Tekka Market. The meat is so tender, and the biryani is flavorsome. The stall’s name is Yakeder Dam Briyani.

#28 Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is almost every Singaporean’s favorite dish. The sweet aroma of the rice is because it is cooked with creamy coconut milk and pandan leaves. Side dishes accompany the rice that include deep fried crispy chicken wings or cutlets, deep fried fish, deep fried ikan bilis with peanuts, fried egg, otah and cucumber slices.

You can choose sets where there are a few of the side dishes, or a la carte where you can pick and choose what you would like to have with the rice. And the best part is the sambal chili that gives that zing to the entire meal.

Where to Try

Some Singaporeans love the Nasi Lemak served at the stall called Punggol Nasi Lemak. Many, like me, prefer the ones served at Adam Road Food Centre. There are two stalls for your choice – Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak and No. 1 Adam’s Nasi Lemak. Selera Rasa has gone franchise. So, you can find them at a few shopping malls.

#29 Nasi Padang

Nasi Padang is a meal where there are many pre-cooked dishes for you to choose from. They are displayed at the front of the food stall. The server places rice on a plate, and you pick and choose which dishes to add to that plate.

Choices of dishes include sambal goreng (stir fried vegetables), curry chicken, beef rendang, fried fish, squid in squid ink sauce, grilled chicken, fried egg, egg omelette, and many more. This is not the exhaustive list, and the dishes cooked are not the same every day.

Where to Try

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant at Jalan Pisang is well known for serving more than 40 delicious dishes. Other than here, you can find Nasi Padang stalls at many coffee shops, hawker centres, and food courts.

#30 Orh Luak aka Oyster Omelette

This is an omelette dish cooked with a difference. Starch is added to give it a slight chewy texture. Egg and small oysters are added to make it into Orh Luak. To make it spicy, ask for the chili version. If you cannot take, spicy, remember to inform when you place the order.

Where to Try

When you are at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, you must try the Orh Luak at Ang Sa Lee Food Centre. At Fengshan Food Centre, check out 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster. Ah Chuan Fried Oyster Omelette at Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Heng at Newton Food Centre, and Huat Heng Fried Oyster at Whampoa Drive Food Centre are just as good.

#31 Peranakan Food

Peranakan is a heritage Cuisine. Like the Peranakan culture, the food combines Chinese, Indonesian and Malay cooking styles. As such, Peranakan Food is tangy, spicy and full of aroma.

Examples of Peranakan Food include Babi Ponteh, Babi Buah Keluak, Itek Tim, Otak-Otak, Kueh Pie Tee, and Chap Chye. Whenever I have Peranakan Food, I must order the Babi Buah Keluak and Babi Ponteh. They are so yummy!

Where to Try

There are Violet Oon’s Retaurant, Blue Ginger, and True Blue Cuisine that offers true blue Peranakan Food. The one you must try is the only Michelin-starred one, which is Candlenut at Dempsey.

#32 Pig’s Organ Soup

Another local Singapore dish that serves animal parts. In this case, it is pig parts. So, if you are averse to eating this, move on to #33.

Pig’s Organ Soup is what it is exactly. A soup that is flavored to a natural sweetness using pig bones. In the soup, you can choose the standard set with comes with cut pieces of pig liver, tripe, intestines, pork belly, and also pork balls and lean meat.

Where to Try

Koh Brother Pig’s Organ Soup at Tiong Bahru Food Centre is popular with Singaporeans. So is Cheng Mun Chee Kee at Foch Road.

#33 Porridge

Ahhh, Porridge, the food for the emperor. I love having porridge on cold and rainy days. In Singapore, it is sold with porridge as the base. You can choose to have chicken, pork or fish porridge. Slices of the chosen meat will be added to it as well as egg (optional). You can also have a version that have mixed meats.

Where to Try

Every neighbourhood in Singapore has at least one stall selling porridge. There is even one near my home, and it tastes all right. Popular places to enjoy this dish include Weng Kiang Kee Porridge at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Tiong Shian Porridge Centre at New Bridge Road, and Ah Chiang’s Porridge at Tiong Bahru.

#34 Prawn Noodles

Prawn stock cooked with the head and shells of prawns make the rich and sweet flavor of the soup. You can choose to have the dry version or soup version. Most Singaporeans eat the soup version. It includes the choice of noodle, slices of prawn, slices of fish cake, and bean sprouts.

Alternatively, get the dry version and you enjoy the piquant sauces that is mixed with the ingredients. And you also enjoy a small bowl of the soup, too.

Where to Try

Blanco Court Prawn Mee at Beach Road is popular. And so is the famous Fresh Taste Big Prawn Noodle at Zion Road. I have also tried the Prawn Noodle at Noo Cheng Adam Road Big Prawn Mee, and it is very yummy!

#35 Rojak

This is my favourite local salad. There is an all vegetable version, an all fruits version and a fruits and vegetables version.

The fruits and vegetables are cut into pieces. Yu tiao, dried bean curd, sugar, crushed peanuts and a unique watery sauce are added. And it is all mixed with a dark prawn paste. The Rojak created is a delight to enjoy.

Where to Try

The Rojak at Balestier Road Hoover Rojak at Whampoa Food Centre is very popular. I have tried it and it is delicious! I also like the Rojak sold at Rojak, Popiah & Cockle at Maxwell Road Food Centre.

#36 Roti Prata

Roti Prata is supposed to be crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. But not all prata are created equal. Some stalls sell soft and cold prata that is awful to eat.

In the earlier days, prata was had either on its own or with an egg, onion or both. Today, you can have it with cheese, chocolate, and many other ingredients. There is even a type of prata cooked into a tall cone shape called tissue prata.

This simple delight is served with curry or dhal. The curry can be vegetable, fish or mutton.

Where to Try

You can find prata at almost every coffee shop, hawker centre or food court. There are also some restaurants that sell this. Here are some of them – Springleaf Prata Place, Casuarina Curry, Zam Zam and many more.

#37 Sambal Stingray

A small slab of stingray barbecued with sambal chilli is truly a treat for your taste buds. The stingray is cooked to a soft and tender texture. And the sambal chilli gives this seafood dish a fiery taste.

Where to Try

Seafood stalls that sell Sambal Stingray at Newton Food Centre are popular with locals and tourists. This dish served at Chomp Chomp BBQ at Fenghan Centre is also a favorite with Singaporeans.

#38 Satay

Satay has four pieces of cubed meat, seasoned with herbs, on a stick. The meat can be pork, chicken, beef or mutton. Satay sticks are then barbecued till slightly charred. It is served with peanut sauce as a dip, and rice cakes known as ketupat.

Where to Try

Most people head to the open air eating area next to Lau Pa Sat. I find the best satay there is a stall, no pun intended, called Best Satay. Another great place to enjoy satay is at Chomp Chomp Food Centre. The stall name is Chomp Chomp Satay.

#39 Satay Bee Hoon

This dish is popular with the older generation in Singapore. Most of the millenials and after do not seem to appreciate this dish.

In #38 Satay, there was mention of the peanut sauce. This hot satay peanut sauce is poured over vermicelli, pork slices, prawns, cockles, cuttlefish, and kang kong. It is actually quite delicious. Wonder why the younger generation do not seem to like it?

Where to Try

There are still a few stalls selling this dish. You can find this food at Shi Wei Da, Feng Shan Food Centre, Sin Chew Satay Bee Hoon at Bukit Timah Food Centre, and Bak Kee TeoChew Satay Beehoon at 85 Redhill Food Centre. Go try it before this dish totally disappears.

#40 Soya Sauce Chicken

The soya sauce chicken has been relatively popular dish in Singapore in the past. Recently, it has gained more fame because of Liao Fan Hawker Chan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle. It won a Michelin star.

And to be honest, I tried it, and it is very yummy! I love the texture of the noodles. Just the right amount of chewiness. And the meat – the soya sauce chicken, cha siew, and all – are tender and braised to a fragrance that is unforgettable. Seriously, I find the sauce really good. It works so well with the rice or noodles.

Where to Try

If you are in Singapore for a holiday, and would like to try soya sauce chicken, then you must try Liao Fan Hawker Chan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle. It located at Chinatown Complex, and has expanded to a restaurant on its own at Smith Street.

It claims to be the ‘Cheapest Michelin Star Meal in the World’. And it is right. A soya sauce chicken rice or noodle dish is only at around USD3!

#41 Wanton Mee

There is a variety of versions for Wanton Mee. There is the local version where the chilli is the deciding factor on whether it is good or not. Then there is the imported Pontian version from Malaysia that is tasty with great chilli and dark soya sauce. And there is the Thai version. And many more.

The essential thing to now is that Wanton Mee has the thin yellow noodle that is best when it is cooked to as springy and chewy texture. It is served with cha siew, few pieces of vegetables, and wanton dumplings. You can have it dry or in soup.

Where to Try

Pontian Wanton Noodle is available at almost every food court and hawker centre. It is worth trying. My favourite is Kok Kee Wanton Noodles. The sauce is different from the others, and its taste has me reminiscing the 70s when most wanton noodles taste just like that.

#42 Yong Tau Foo

Cut pieces of vegetables, bean curd, cuttlefish, and many other ingredients are displayed on a counter in front of a Yong Tau Foo stall. You pick a few into a bowl. Usually, the standard is at least 6 pieces.

Then you hand it to the server who will cook it in a broth. You then inform the server whether you would like the dish in dry version or soup. The dry version allows you the opportunity to slather the food with chilli and/or sweet sauce.

If you opt for the soup version, you can also put the chilli and sweet sauce in a separate small container. This is for you to dip the food into the sauce.

Where to Try

The key to a tasty Yong Tau Foo meal is the soup and the chilli. Yes, even when you order the dry version, you are served a bowl of soup to enjoy. And it must be tasty.

I have tried some Yong Tau Foo stalls that failed in the flavor of the soup, the taste of the chilli or sweet sauce, or all three. I never go back to those stalls again. The ones I go back include Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Foo at Chinatown Complex Food Centre. The foods are handmade, fresh and tasty.

#43 Zi Char

Zi Char is a food stall that cooks a wide variety of food. It includes sweet and sour pork, pork ribs king, sambal kang kong, har cheong chicken, beef hor fun, seafood hor fun, fried rice, and many more.

Some have specialties; dishes that they are really good at. Usually, these will be the popular dishes, and the reason why many patronize the stall.

Where to Try

This is again another stall that has at least one in every food court, hawker centre or coffee shop. It is convenient and not expensive. A fried rice is less than USD5.

To my knowledge, there is no one really popular Zi Char stall. As I mentioned, each has their specialty. You have to try to find out if the Zi Char stall you chose cooks really tasty food.

More Foods To Eat in Singapore >>>

If you have ANY questions about the 43 Food To Eat In Singapore, or any about traveling in Singapore, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels,


48 Things To Do In Singapore

48 Things To Do In Singapore
Most of the attractions here are temporarily closed because of Covid-19. Meantime, do take note of these 48 Things To Do in Singapore for when you finally arrive here.

Singapore has been named as the most expensive city in the world. It is also famous for being exceptionally clean and efficient. While many people may say Singapore is quite sterile, this city state actually has quite many interesting places to see, and entertaining stuff to do. In fact, today I present 48 Things To Do In Singapore.

Many regular readers of Asia Travel Gems know that I live in Singapore. Even though I have lived here most of my life, I still find there are so many fascinating things to do, and sights to see. All of which I am proud to present in this article.

There is the extraordinary greenery at Gardens By The Bay, the breath taking view from the rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands, the fascinating world of nocturnal animals at the Night Safari. And so many more attractions.

And don’t forget the fascinating history and culture places of interest. As a multi cultural nation, Singapore is melting pot of various religions and cultures that created structures that would have you enthralled for hours.

Note – the numbers are not to indicate any ranking. They are just to count the number of featured attractions here.

ArtScience Museum


The first time I saw this lotus-shape structure at the side of Marina Bay Sands, I was intrigued. My curiosity led me to find out more about this unique museum.

It is called the ArtScience Museum because it showcases exhibits that weaves art and science together. Something that, to some, seem to be contrasting entities. And yet, it has been achieved here.

MUST SEE – Future World. Award-winning Japanese art collective teamLab brings you stunning digital artworks

Asian Civilisations Museum


I feel that the Asian Civilisations Museum is so aptly situate. It is in a 19th century building near the Singapore River. Inside, you get to see exhibits that expore the culture and history of the Asian subcontinent, China, South Asia and the Islamic World.

I spent many lovely afternoons here. I find it such a valuable experience to immerse in the world of the past. When I see the artefacts, I feel as if I had visited a part of history.

MUST TRY – Guided tours conducted by the museum

Botanic Gardens


Every time I visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens, I would have a really enjoyable time. It is so nice to simply walk around this place, and appreciate the wide variety of flora and fauna.

There are four areas in this garden – the Central Core, the Tanglin core, the Tyersall-Gallop core, and the Bukit Timah core. So, you can imagine it takes quite a bit of time to explore everything. And it is worth every minute.

MUST SEE – National Orchid Garden that is inside. Features thousands of orchid and hybrid species.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Singapore is actually a very flat piece of land. The highest natural point is at the top of a small hill called Bukit Timah. And at this hill, there is a 403-acre nature reserve. People come here to get away from the city, and immerse themselves in the lush greenery.

MUST DO – Hike along the easy trail, and enjoy being back in nature

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum


When I travel, I love to visit religious and holy sites. They fascinate me with their beauty and tranquility. And I have visited the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum many times.

There are four storeys, a basement, a mezzanine, and a rooftop courtyard. Make sure you see it all. Of course, at the fourth floor, is the Buddha tooth that you must see, too.

MUST SEE – The 11,111 Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at the pavilion, situated at the rooftop garden

Changi Airport


Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
Changi Airport Kinetic Rain, Click image above to read more

Many people are surprised when they hear that I enjoy going to Changi Airport. And why not? It is more than an international airport. There are lots of retail, cafes, restaurants, and even entertainment spots. I could spend hours here.

And so will you. Besides the mall like experience, there are also fun activities like the giant indoor slide, the butterfly sanctuary, and even a rooftop pool.

MUST SEE – Check out the world famous Jewel, the latest Singapore shining gem (see more details further down)



When I have only the morning class to teach, and when I am in the mood, I would drop by at Chinatown. One main reason is to enjoy really good Chinese food, and good old local coffee. At times, I would visit again some of the attractions there.

The old and new have co-existed in a beautiful way here. You can see elderly playing chess. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is here. Also, the Chinatown Heritage Centre. And don’t forget to try all the great food, such as the Michelin Star Liao Fan Hawker Chan.

MUST EAT – Michelin Star Liao Fan Hawker Chan. The soya sauce chicken is tender and delicious!

Clarke Quay


During the day, Clarke Quay is a colorful sight of warehouses restored in bright colors of the rainbow. They now house bars, clubs and restaurants. It is nice to enjoy an afternoon, starting from lunch, and watching the river and people walk by. As night falls, the place becomes alive, transforming into a vibrant party zone.

MUST TRY- G-Max Reverse Bungy Catapult

East Coast Park


Ahhh, I spent much of my youth here. The sun, the sand, the sea. A potent mix that draws many to have picnics by the sea, cycle or rollerblade along the paths, and even camp and have a barbecue.

The park stretches from Fort Road to the Changi Airport area. My friends and I have actually cycled that entire route. And enjoyed watching the planes fly in and out of this city.

MUST TRY- Glamping. It is a form of camping but with all the perks like fairy lights, wine and balloons.

East Coast Road


Just a stone’s throw away from East Coast Park is East Coast Road, where you can experience the colorful heritage shophouses. Plenty of good food here at local eating places, cafes and restaurants. After a sumptious meal, take a walk around to enjoy the Peranakan – Straits Chinese – culture that is part of the identity here.

MUST EAT – Katong Laksa. If you are not sure which one to try, go for the 328 Katong Laksa.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


This is the home to performance arts. There are spaces for concerts, plays, and musicals. The building is a recognizable spiky design that has been lovingly named as the durian by Singaporeans.

MUST WATCH – Local bands playing at the spacious outdoor theater every Sunday

Gardens By the Bay


At Gardens By the Bay, you can admire the flowers and plants from all over the world. Visit the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest, the Floral Fantasy, and especially the Supertree Grove.

MUST WATCH – The Garden Rhapsody, a light and music performance at 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm daily

Gillman Barracks – Contemporary Arts Cluster


A military barracks has been converted into a contemporary art haven. Dozens of galleries featuring art from locals and overseas artists. Spend a lovely afternoon here, viewing all the art and sculptures.

MUST VISIT – Supermama for art, food and drink to refresh

Haji Lane


I have been here. It is interesting. Filled with indie shops, cafes, hip bars, and restaurants. Do check out the boutiques. They carry unique merchandise, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore.

MUST VISIT – Supermama for art, food and drink to refresh

Haw Par Villa


There is no other place like this. I am pretty sure of that. This is a theme park. And the theme is Chinese history and mythology. There are installations that are gory and detailed. A word of caution – the hell scenes can be very graphic.

CAUTION – Can cause nightmares

Hay Dairies


Take it slow for a few hours, and visit Hay Dairies. The goats here eat hay that is shipped directly from the USA. They also get to eat special feed from Australia. It is because of the food they eat that the goat milk tastes so great.

MUST DO – For families, great education opportunity

Helix Bridge


A short bridge next to Marina Bay Sands. Walk through the bridge to marvel at the unique and intricate design that was inspired by the structure of the DNA.

MUST DO – Walk out to the extensions and get one of the best Instagram shots of Marina Bay Sands

The Intan


One of the most extensive collection of all things Peranakan are here at The Intan. Objects from the Peranakan culture are proudly on display; such as the kasot manek (ornate beaded slippers) worn by Straits Chinese women.

Other artefacts include antiques, and rare gems. Definitely the right place to learn about the Peranakan culture.

MUST DO – Book for the tour – includes Peranakan history, culture and embroidery craft

Ion Sky


This is a hidden gem. Even I was not aware of this until some years back. It is a modern indoor observation deck at ION Orchard. Because it is on the 56th floor, you can get magnificent bird’s eye very of various parts of Singapore.

TRAVEL TIP – It is free. So, must visit!

Jewel Changi Airport


This is currently the sparkling gem of Singapore. A majestic dome that is home to the tallest indoor waterfall. There are fun activities to do, fine shopping to enjoy, and plenty of great food at food court, cafes, and retaurants.

MUST DO – Take Instagram photos. Lots of spots to choose from.

Kampong Glam


A friend of mine from Australia had a great time here. She spent the afternoon here chilling at one of the hip cafes. And I agree with her that Kampong Glam is like another world in Singapore.

This historic Malay and Arab district has retained its roots while evolving into a hipster hub. Places to see include the Malay Heritage Centre, Gedung Kuning, Pondok Java, Madrasah Alsagoff Al Arabiah, and the famous Masjid Sultan Mosque.

MUST DO – Take selfie with Sultan Mosque in the background for your Instagram

Kampong Lorong Buangkok


I grew up in a kampong, which is a traditional village. It was the most wonderful time of my life. Today, urbanisation has reduced these kampongs to just a few in Singapore. The most famous is this – Kampong Lorong Buangkok. Visit to get a glimpse of this city’s past.

TRAVEL TIP – Be respectful. These really are people’s homes.

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple


Whenever I am in the Bugis area, I would drop by this temple to pay my respects. I would light 3 incense sticks, and give thanks to the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Im. Sometimes, I would do divination to get some insights. That is what thousands of devotees do, too.

On the first and fifteenth day of every lunar month, this temple is packed. It is also very crowded during Chinese New Year. There are many testimonials of people who received blessings or wishes come true after praying to Kwan Im at this temple.

TRAVEL TIP – Be respectful. Observe the house rules; e.g. no photography allowed inside the temple

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum


Do you like natural history? Then this is the place to see. The museum has at least 10,000 species of dinosaur fossils and zoological specimens. There is even a sperm whale skeleton.

TRAVEL TIP – Don’t miss the four gardens, entry to gardens is free

Little India


A charming neighborhood where Mustafa, the massive shopping store that is popular with locals and tourists, is located. Out on the streets, there is the heady scent mix of incense and fragrant foods. Together with shops selling flowers and gold, you are bombarded with color and brilliance.

Most people visit this area for the religious sites such as the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, Leong San See Temple, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, and a few more.

MUST EAT – Go to Tekka Centre where you can try many local dishes

MacRitchie Reservoir


When I was a young boy, my school would organize long distance runs at this place, our country’s first reservoir. As you can tell, I did not enjoy that. Running and out of breath, I could not appreciate the beauty of our oldest and most popular nature park.

Years later, when my friends and I visited to enjoy the lush rainforest, I had a better appreciation of all this place has to offer. As long as I did not jog or run, and it was a lovely stroll.

MUST SEE – HSBC Treetop Walk – a 250 meter suspension bridge, see panoramic views across treetops

Malay Heritage Centre


This is the Malay Heritage Centre at Kampong Glam that was mentioned earlier (#21). Here, you can learn the history about the Malay community that lived in this place. The building itself is 160 years old. And used to be the royal seat and palace of the last Sultan of Singapore.

There are 6 galleries filled with the Malay culture and heritage. And for more, check out the special events, dance performances and other festivities held here.

MUST EAT – Many Malay restaurants around here serving delicous Malay cuisine that you must try!

Marina Bay Sands


This is one of Singapore’s most recognizable buildings. It is a posh high-end hotel with top restaurants (one of them Michelin-starred) and bars, luxury rooms, a SkyPark that is 57 storeys high with an infinity pool that offers the best view in the city.

Along with this, there are the ArtScience Museum, a convention center, and a beautiful and large mall designed by Moshe Safdie.

MUST DO – Take a dip in the infinity pool that has appeared in so many Instagram photos

Merlion Park


I have witnessed the changes of the Merlion from the 70s when it was first erected till today. Still magnificent, the half fish and half lion statue shoots water into the bay.

The fish is symbolic. It represents the early days when Singapore was a fishing village. The lion part symbolizes the original name of Singapore, i.e. Singapura, which means lion city.

TRAVEL TIP – Watch the water and light show at Marina Bay Sands from another perspective here

Mint Museum Of Toys


A haven and heaven for all who love toys, and those who admire them. M.I.N.T. specializes in vintage toys and collectibles. Four levels of space houses thousands of them for your viewing pleasure.

MUST SEE – Festive toy exhibition for the season

Nagore Dargah


In the past, I passed this shrine many times, when I happened to be in the Central Business District. In 2019, I finally decided to enter and take a look. It was like a mini museum.

There were artefacts and photos of the Muslims from southern India. It was a very entertaining and eduational hour. Amazingly, the space had a quiet calm that offered a respite from the busy and hectic world just outside their doors.

TRAVEL TIP – Speak with the friendly staff. They are more than happy to share about the history and stories of this beautiful shrine

National Gallery Singapore


Home to the largest public collection of modern art in Southeast Asia, the National Gallery Singapore is not to be missed. Over 8,000 works are displayed at the former City Hall and Supreme Court buildings.

TRAVEL TIP – Do not miss the inaugural exhibit – Siapa Nama Kamu? Art in Singapore Since the 19th Century

National Museum of Singapore


Whenever I visit this neoclassical building, I experience this feeling of being awed. This is the largest museum in Singapore. There are a few galleries to slowly walk and appreciate. And they are the Singapore History Gallery, the Singapore Living Galleries, and the Modern Colony Gallery. See the past and present of Singapore in one place.

TRAVEL TIP – Look out for special events. They are usually very entertaining and inspiring.

Night Safari


A night safari in Singapore? Yes, there really is. And it is the world’s first for nocturnal animals. Take a ride on the tour tram and see over 2,500 animals from 130 species such as the striped hyena, mountain deer, tiger, tapir, and lion.

All in their natural habitats. And if you prefer a slower exploration, go on the four walking trails to get closer to the animals.

TRAVEL TIP – Creatures of the Night show.

Peranakan Museum


The Peranakan culture is unique. The people are the Straits Chinese. And this museum presents all things Peranakan. There are exhibitions in this heritage building that shows their traditions, food, wedding, religion and even how they mourn.

Pulau Ubin


Another one of Singapore’s kampongs. Take a trip to the past, and see how life was in the 60s. Also, ideal for nature lovers. There are lush forests and interesting wildlife.

MUST SEE – Chek Jawa Wetlands

Raffles Hotel


Famous for guests like Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth II, and even Michael Jackson. A visit to this hotel can enchant you the same way it has for these famous people.

I know it does for me. The colonial architecture with such fine details enraptures me whenever I visit. Shopping and dining are delightful experiences. Don’t forget to take a selfie with Narajan, the world’s most famous doorman.

MUST TRY – Go to the historic Long Bar and ask for the iconic Singapore Sling

River Safari


Just like the Night Safari, this is another wildlife park that you must visit when in Singapore. The theme is the river, and is recognized as the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium.

There is are over 5,000 creatures of the river here, from the Amazon and the Nile. You have a choice to take the boat tour or take an adventure walk with your friends and family.

MUST SEE – The Giant Pandas – Kai Kai and Jia Jia

St. Andrew’s Cathedral


I like to visit the St. Andrew’s Cathedral during the quiet hours. During those moments, it is so peaceful to sit in the largest cathedral in Singapore. And simply enjoy the gorgeous tinted glass windows, lovely statues and architecture. Truly, a sanctuary in the middle of a busy city.

TRAVEL TIP – The park grounds are also a delightful place to relax

Singapore Flyer


The Singapore Flyer claims to be the world’s largest observation wheel. You have to be there to see if this is true. It is 165 meters high. And it travels at a speed of 0.21m per second. At its peak, you can get a panoramic view of Singapore.

TRAVEL TIP – Ride in the day and also in the night for contrasting scenes of Singapore

Singapore Zoo


There is so much to see at the Singapore Zoo that a few hours or half a day visit is not enough. I highly recommend dedicating an entire day to this world’s first open concept zoo.

Start in the morning, and have breakfast with Ah Meng, the famous orangutan. Then spend enough time for each enclosure to really experience the open concept of this zoo. There are more than 2,500 animals from all over the world. To see them all, it would take a whole day.

MUST DO – Breakfast with Ah Meng, the famous orangutan



Whenever I visit Sentosa, I would enjoy the island resort so much. I would love walking around amidst the lush greenery, walking on the sands of the beach under the sun. Many times, I have been lucky to spot the peacocks that roam this island!

And there are the attractions like Universal Studeios Singapore, Resorts World, Tiger Sky Tower Observatory, Mega Adventure Park, and more. Love to golf? the Senotsa Golf Club has two award-winning courses.

MUST DO – Walk to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia for a stunning view

The Southern Ridges


I was surprised and delighted by the Southern Ridges. It is a recreational trail that connects five parks along the southern ridge of Singapore. You can actually walk this long trek that takes you to Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrdor Nature Reserve.

It is a five plus mile trail. So, make sure you carry enough water to hydrate, and some snacks, too.

TRAVEL TIP – Instagram opportunity at the Henderson Waves, an undulating canopy walkway above the forest

Sri Mariamman Temple


This temple is right in the middle of Chinatown. It is Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple. And is ornately decorated with colorful sculptures of Hindu mythology figures. Many believe that their goddess Mariamman can cure illnesses.

I attended a wedding in this temple before. And it is truly a very beautiful temple. As I walk about the temple, I found the colors and design impressive. It was a night I will always remember.

TRAVEL TIP – Watch the annual fire walking festival

Sultan Mosque


This is the largest center of worship for Muslims in Singapore. And the structure is eye catching. After exploring Kampong Glam, stop here to admire its beauty. Get inside to view the intricate decor. An interesting fact is that the base of the dome is made from glass bottles.

TRAVEL TIP – Capture the beautiful Sultan Mosque for your Instagram

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve


The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is designated an ASEAN Heritage Park. It is a sanctuary with mangroves, mudflats, ponds and forests. A home for mudskippers, crabs, water snakes, monitor lizards, and the famous otters. This site is also recognized internationally for migratory birds to stop over.

TRAVEL TIP – Spot a migratory bird and post on your Instagram

Thian Hock Keng Temple


This is another site that I enjoy visiting when I am at the Central Business District. It is a haven from the busy scene outside the temple.

Thian Hock Keng Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore. And the architecture is elaborate. Full of color and images. This is the traditional southern Chinese style of design. Interesting fact – the entire temple was built without a single nail.

TRAVEL TIP – Take your time to really look at all the beautiful design and art

Universal Studios Singapore


This is a major attraction in Singapore. Many tourists flock to this theme park and enjoy the rides and attractions. There is the Battlestar Galactica, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase, Puss in Boots’ Giant Journey, and more.
For movie buffs, look out for the Jurassic Park, The Mummy and Transformers attractions.

TRAVEL TIP – Don’t miss the spectacular fireworks that are on display every day

More Things To Do in Singapore >>>

If you have ANY questions about the 48 Things to Do in Singapore, or any about traveling in Singapore, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels,


Things To Do In Singapore

Update 31 May 2020 – Added 48 Things To Do in Singapore

Singapore is a small island. A really small place. Just a dot on the world map. And yet, there are many Things To Do In Singapore.

Here is a list of them. As you will see, there is a wide variety of things to do. There are some fun activities like going in the Night Safari. Some cool activities like going on the edge of the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands. And educational activities like the National Gallery of Singapore.

Each of them appeals to different people in different ways. So, take your time go look through the list, and see which ones you are interested in.

48 Things To Do in Singapore

48 Things To Do In Singapore
48 Things To Do In Singapore

Looking for a list of things to do in Singapore. Here are 48 of them. All guaranteed to keep you interested and have a great time in Singapore.

Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
Changi Airport Kinetic Rain. Click image above to Read More about this popular attraction.

The Kinetic Rain Moving Sculpture at Singapore Changi Airport is stunning. The way the droplets move in sequence and form patterns, it is simply mesmerizing. In this article, there is a video of this sculpture that went viral. Check it out. Read More

If you have ANY questions about the Things to Do in Singapore, or any of the above articles, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you for reading this.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels,


Best Places To Eat in Singapore – New Green Pasture Cafe

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - header

“Let’s go and enjoy great organic food!” Even today, in Singapore, such a suggestion for lunch or dinner with my friends would be greeted with “Ewwww” or “Er …” or straight up “No”. And I can’t blame them. Organic food is often perceived as nutritional but far from tasty; some even say tasteless

But after much encouraging, my friends relented. And guess what? They loved the food here! In fact, they love it so much that all of them have returned and brought their friends to enjoy the delicious dishes too. This is why I have anointed New Green Pasture Cafe as one of the Best Places To Eat in Singapore.

New Green Pasture Cafe – The Overview & Rankings

Five Stars Rating

Name: New Green Pasture Cafe
Cuisine: Asian, Fusion, Sushi, Vegan Options – MSG-Free, Low Fat, Minimal Salt, Free from Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.
Meals Served:  Lunch, Dinner
Dining Choices: Dine In, Take Away
Family Friendly: Yes
Food: 5.0 out of 5.0
Service: 4.5 out of 5.0
Value: 5.0 out of 5.0
Atmosphere: 4.0 out of 5.0
Prices: $$$ out of $$$$$
Asia Travel Gems Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 


About New Green Pasture Cafe

The story of how New Green Pasture Cafe began along the shopping belt in Singapore known as Orchard Road. A petite designer named Ms Sophia Teh found the vegetarian food served in many eating places to be oily and lacking in true nutrition. Most of the dishes were deep fried and actually unhealthy.

After years of consuming the typical vegetarian food served at food centres, cafes and restaurants, Sophia began to suffer in health. One of the many afflictions was gout, which brought her much pain for over 7 years. Parts of her body were swollen. There were times when it was even difficult for her to hold a simple pair of chopsticks.

Determined to not use western medicine, she attended talks and workshops to learn from doctors on how to heal one’s body through natural methods. In 1984, she made the choice to eat only organic food. She began to cook and eat her own organic meals, and soon her health started to improve.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Sophia Teh, Owner of New Green Pasture Cafe and Asia Travel Gems' Timotheus Lee
Sophia Teh, Owner of New Green Pasture Cafe and Asia Travel Gems’ Timotheus Lee, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Some of the knowledge she gained were, for example, how Apple Cider Vinegar can help to detox our bodies. She also learned about the benefits of enzymes. Hence, one of the popular drinks at her cafe is the ABC Juice (see photo and description below in Delcious Organic Food section).

As she continued exploring the organic world, she noticed that her body healed. All her afflictions were gone. She was also less tired as she found herself more energetic. Today, when you visit New Green Pasture Cafe, you will notice how spry she is for her age.

Over the years, Sophia experimented on how to cook organic food in such a way that is very palatable. Today, a lot of her dishes include more raw foods and most are lessed cooked and less processed. All food at New Green Pasture Cafe are MSG-Free, Low Fat and contains Minimal Salt. Of course, being that all of the ingredients are organic; they are Free from Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides.

Delicious Organic Food

This is my favourite dish – Rainbow Salad with Charcoal Noodles. It used to be the Penang Laksa, which is still very good. But I only have one stomach. If I can eat more at one meal time, I would have both this dish and the Penang Laksa. Yes, greedy me.

As you can see in the photo below, there are lots of veggies – carrots, beetroot, purple cabbages, bean sprouts, etc. Truly a rainbow of vegetable delights. The charcoal noodles are hidden below the layers that also include a zesty mix of salad sauce that is slightly sweet and tangy. Together, the combination brings so much pleasure to the taste buds.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Rainbow Salad with Charcoal Noodles
Rainbow Salad with Charcoal Noodles, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

My next favourite is the Rojak! A mix of slices of cucumber, pineapple, turnip, bean sprouts, apples, mangoes and tau pok. The latter is a type of fried beancurd that is flat and square. The outer layer is brown and crispy and the inner is soft and spongy. The sauce used is purely organic and vegetarian. No prawn paste at all (of course, right?).

You will be amazed how Sophia has managed to make it taste so much better than the usual rojak sold at food courts, using just organic sauces. The result is a light and appetizing side dish.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Rojak
Rojak, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Whenever I visit New Green Pasture Cafe, I MUST HAVE a glass of ABC juice. It contains Apple, Carrot and Beetroot that have healthy enzymes. Also, great for detox.

On top of it, the ingredients are organic. So you know you are really getting the really good stuff without fertilizers and pesticides leftovers that many fruit juice bars have. The taste is delicious and refreshing!

Tip: Drink it all as soon as you can. It is pure organic and leaving it out too long will cause the precious cargo to oxidize and not be as valuable as when freshly served.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - ABC Juice
ABC Juice, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

It is wonderful to dine with friends at New Green Pasture Cafe. We can order a few dishes and share. This way we get to taste new fares from the menu. There was one time I had the chance to try the Ginger Vinegar Set with my friends.

Tip: The flavor of the Ginger Vinegar is strong. If you dislike strong flavors, then do not order this. Other than that, it is a really well designed meal.

The Ginger Vinegar balanced well with the brown rice and side dishes. Also, the ginger with vinegar is really beneficial for the digestive system. Totally cleansing.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Ginger Vinegar Set
Ginger Vinegar Set, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Another time, during dinner with friends at New Green Pasture Cafe, we shared the Sri Lanka Roll. After we had it, we understood now why this is one of the most popular dishes here.

Tip: It is a little spicy. So only try if you can take spicy food or willing to try.

Go ahead. Order this. You won’t regret it.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Sri Lanka Roll
Sri Lanka Roll, img src: IG: greenpasturenew

I have not personally tried the next few items from the menu. But have heard rave reviews from other diners. Do try them when you can. I surely will.

Below is the Bamboo Rice with Mushroom, Tofu and Salad. This does seem like a popular meal. Once, when I sat near the order counter, I noticed many people ordering this dish.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Bamboo Rice with Mushroom, Tofu and Salad
Bamboo Rice with Mushroom, Tofu and Salad, img src: IG: greenpasturenew

The Super Golden Pillow Toast looks so enticing! These days I rarely eat sandwiches or anything with bread. But this looks so good that I may try it on one of those days when I feel like having something with bread.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Super Golden Pillow Toast
Super Golden Pillow Toast, img src: IG: greenpasturenew

Sophia personally shared with me that the Quinoa with Buckwheat Porridge is a hidden gem on her menu. It is rich with nutritious ingredients and absolutely healthy. She said that if we have this at least once every day, you can see the difference in your body’s health. Sounds great right?

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Quinoa with Buckwheat Porridge
Quinoa with Buckwheat Porridge, img src: IG: greenpasturenew

There are many choices of delicious organic food at New Green Pasture Cafe. I wish I could feature them all but it is not possible. What I can do, instead, is to point you to their Instagram account – @greenpasturenew.

Follow their account as Sophia does her best to update her followers on the awesome food she offers at her cafe.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Instagram Account
New Green Pasture Cafe’s Instagram Account, img src: IG: greenpasturenew

Inside New Green Pasture Cafe

The interior of New Green Pasture Cafe is simple and unassuming.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Inside New Green Pasture Cafe
Inside New Green Pasture Cafe, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Not sure what to order? Take a look at their Menu Wall. Photos and names of the dishes are shown for easy reference and selection. You can ask Sophia and her staff for more info about each of the dishes to help you decide.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Menu Wall and Soup Counter
Menu Wall and Soup Counter, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Further in, the Dining Area is simple and clean.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Inside Dining Area
Inside Dining Area, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

For those interested to try cooking their own organic meals at home, there is a Retail Section inside.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe - Retail Section
Retail Section, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Enjoying your meal and feeling a little thirsty? There is a counter offering free water. It is self service, so help yourself to as much water as you like.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - New Green Pasture Cafe offers Free Water
New Green Pasture Cafe offers Free Water, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems


New Green Pasture Cafe – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

Asia Travel Gems Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Five Points Rating

Since the day I first experienced the awesome food at New Green Pasture Cafe, I have shared this hidden gem to many through word of mouth, and via my Facebook account.

Everyone I introduced to love the food here, and kept coming back for more.

When I started Asia Travel Gems, I had every intent to share this hidden gem with my readers and followers. Finally, today is the day.

The food here is truly amazing. And deserves the 5.0 rating. Every dish is crafted from the heart and love. Each meal is unique with its own special taste and flavor.

I highly recommend everyone to try the food at New Green Pasture Cafe as I do feel it is really one of the Best Places To Eat in Singapore. If you are hesitant or averse to organic food, you will surely change your mind about organic cuisine.

How to Get There?


190 Middle Road #04-22 Fortune Centre Singapore 188979

Operating Hours :

11am to 8pm
Closed on Mondays

Contact Number:

Phone – 6336 8755
Handphone – 9451 2799


Go to Bugis MRT Station. Walk from Bugis Junction to Bugis+. Exit from Bugis+ to Queen Street. Walk down Queen Street towards Middle Road.

Walk along Middle Road to Fortune Centre.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Fortune Centre
Fortune Centre, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems
Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Front of Fortune Centre facing Bencoolen Street
Front of Fortune Centre facing Bencoolen Street, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Enter Fortune Centre and take the escalator to the Fourth (4th) Floor.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Escalator to New Green Pasture Cafe
Escalator to New Green Pasture Cafe, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

When you reach the 4th Floor, you will then see New Green Pasture Cafe. You can’t miss it!

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Shop Front of New Green Pasture Cafe
Shop Front of New Green Pasture Cafe, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.


Best Places To Eat in Singapore – Chocolate Cake in Food Court

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Chocolate Cake in Food Court - Pancake King

Chocolate Cakes in Food Court? This was unheard of in the past. It is not something usually seen or something people would consume at a food court in Singapore. But with this addition, Bras Basah Food Court has just become one of the Best Places To Eat in Singapore.

Pancake King – The Overview & Rankings

Madam Kwan KLCC - 4 Star Rating

Name: Pancake King
Cuisine:  Pancake (traditional local style) filled with Peanut, Red Bean Paste or Coconut, Local Delights such as Curry Puff & Kuehs, Pastries (Chocolate Delight, Apple Pie, Brownies, Butter Cake, and more
Meals Served: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Dining Choices: Dine In, Take Away
Family Friendly: Yes
Food: 4.0 out of 5.0
Service: 3.0 out of 5.0
Value: 4.0 out of 5.0
Atmosphere: 2.5 out of 5.0
Prices: $ out of $$$$$
Asia Travel Gems Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0   


About Pancake King

Pancake King started in 1998 in a little known coffee shop at a lesser known area. What made them stood out was the promise of money back guarantee.

All their pancakes were freshly made on the spot with the freshest ingredients. They do not add any MSG, artificial flavoring or preservatives. Should any of their pancakes be found not fresh or with any of the additives or flavoring, they guarantee money back.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Chinese Pancakes
Traditional Pancakes, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Today, this policy continues and includes their new food offerings such as cakes, pies and pastries.

Pancakes and Pastries

It had been a long and tiring morning and half of an afternoon. And we definitely deserve a break. We remembered a quaint little coffee shop at Bras Basah Complex that serves good local coffee.

When we reached there, we were surprised by a new food stall selling cakes! Not a wide range but a good range indeed!

We immediately made a strategy. First, the coffee. Oh, the good and strong local coffee. Then, the cakes!

The Chocolate Delight caught our eye. Looks good, yes?

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Coffee and Chocolate Cake
Coffee and Chocolate Delight, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

The Chocolate Delight truly lived up to its name. An awesome delight!

It was not too sweet. Just right, without overwhelming the taste buds. The cake was moist without being too much. And the chocolate icing … oh yum!

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Delight Cake, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

We wanted to try the Chocolate Walnut Cake. We wondered which to choose – this or the Chocolate Delight?

We asked the person serving over the counter, and he advised us that if we wanted a cake that is just pure chocolate, the choice is Chocolate Delight.

But if we liked our cakes with a little something inside, it would be the Chocolate Walnut Cake. He further explained that there were bits of walnuts inside the cake, too.

Very tempting! We will surely try this next time.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Chocolate Walnut Cake
Chocolate Walnut Cake, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

If you are not feeling like having any chocolate, there are other choices like this Banana Butter Cake. We must say, there are days we do feel like having some other types of cake. And this truly would be ideal.

The word butter promises so much, don’t you think?

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Banana Butter Cake
Banana Butter Cake, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Back to more chocolate choices. They have these brownies that would look good to have with ice cream. Hmmm … wonder if they do serve these with ice cream. We will find out next time.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

And of course, how can we not show their flagship product – the Traditional Pancakes. There are a few choices. Those filled with Peanut (and sugar), Red Bean Paste or Coconut.

We liked them all! They were really good! The crust was crispy. The outer layer was firm and some parts a little crispy too.

The inside was soft and filled with just the right amount of filling. Too much can be overkill, and too little can be dissatisfying. Their pancakes? Totally pleases our palate.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - One Chinese Pancake
A Traditional Pancake, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Pancake King – Asia Travel Gems Final Word

Asia Travel Gems Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

Po Lin Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant - 4 out of 5 Stars Rating

This is another review where the scores do not seem to add up (just like the one for Shek Kee Wonton Noodles – the Best Wonton Noodles in Hong Kong.

Why 4.0 out of 5.0? Why that rating when the service was mediocre and the atmosphere was lacking?

Just like for Shek Kee, it was because they delivered on what matters most – the food. Also, the money for value. At such low prices, we are getting really our money’s worth!

So we do recommend our Asia Travel Gems readers visit this place and try the cakes.

Here is a photo of how the stall looked like. Simple and unassuming. But delivers in spades.

Best Places To Eat In Singapore - Pancake King Stall Front
Pancake King Stall Front, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems


Bras Basah Complex
Coffee Express 2000 Foodcourt
231 Bain Street
Singapore 180231

Operating Hours :

7am – 10pm

Contact Number: +65 9728 8225

How to Get There?


Go to City Hall MRT, and exit to Raffles City Shopping Centre. Walk through the shopping centre towards Bras Basah Road.

At the traffic junction of Bras Basah Road and North Bridge Road, cross over to North Bridge Road, along the side where Carlton Hotel and Asia Grand resides.

Walk a little further down, and you will reach Bras Basah Complex. The food court is on the ground level. Walk into the complex to find the entrance to the food court. If unsure, ask the friendly locals for a little further directions.

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

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Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

This article is about a really beautiful moving sculpture that is the Changi Airport Kinetic Rain in Singapore. It also includes a video that went viral on Facebook. So don’t miss watching it. And see why many people have given praises like awesome, mesmerizing, meditative waves of lovedrops, and very amazing. This moving sculpture is surely well liked and is one of the Things To Do In Singapore.

This viral video started as an innocent request from one of my Facebook friends. He told me that he read on the Internet about a sculpture that moves. It was located at Singapore Changi Airport. He asked if I could take a photo or video of it, and show it to him.

Actually, I knew and have always loved this modern sculpture. For years, I wanted to capture the contemporary sculpture in video. In 2014, I had the Sony Xperia Z1, which enabled me to take great photos and videos. Now, with it, I could finally do the sculptor justice.

I promised my Facebook friend to do it, and on September 14, 2014, I took the MRT train to Tanah Merah station. Then I switched to another train that took me to Singapore Changi Airport. Next, I walked to the SkyTrain station, hopped on a SkyTrain and arrived at the departure hall of Terminal 1 at Singapore Changi Airport.

It was easy to spot the Kinetic Rain. It is a large installation, and can be seen from almost anywhere in the departure hall of the airport’s Terminal 1.

The moving sculpture was definitely a sight to behold. Something you only see here. The way the ‘raindrops’ slowly floated down from above, the patterns the ‘droplets’ created, it was mesmerizing! Below is the video I took of the Changi Airport Kinetic Rain. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.

* Tip: Watch the video ‘HD’ (high resolution) with sound on. Switch on subtitles if you like to learn more about Changi Airport Kinetic Rain.

Credits: Music in video by Kevin Macleod – Dream Become Real

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This Video Went Viral

The video reached 937,000 views on Facebook and 26,957 people shared it. As of 9 August 2017, on YouTube it has reached over 26,000 views and still growing.

Here is a screen shot of statistics:

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain video went viral on Facebook, 937,000 views & 26,957 shares
Screen Capture from Facebook © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

It was amazing and such a thrill for me. Before that, I never had any of my content go viral. I am so happy!

About Changi Airport Kinetic Rain

The Kinetic Rain is undoubtedly the centerpiece of Singapore Changi Airport’s Terminal 1. It is the world’s largest kinetic sculpture with 1,216 raindrops made of aluminium and highly polished copper.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain
Changi Airport Kinetic Rain © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

Each of these raindrops weigh 180 grams and is suspended by a thin wire. The wires are moved up and down by computer-controlled motors. The entire group of raindrops’ movements are orchestrated, in a slow and fluid manner, such as to form shapes. These shapes all have meaning related to the topic of flight; for example airplane, kite, hot air balloon and even a dragon.

It took two whole years for artists, animators and programmers to create the Kinetic Rain. The design firm is from Germany called Art+Com. The creators designed it to be something for people to look at, contemplate and reflect.

They indeed fulfilled that goal. I could see people hanging around it, watching, and simply immersing in its gentle dance. Even people who watched the above video gave comments that they felt relaxed as they viewed it.

It was Mesmerizing!

About Changi Airport

I love visiting Changi Airport! Whenever I have free time, and a friend happen to depart for another country or return from one, I would grab the opportunity to drop by. Many times, even without any reason or excuse, too.

These days, many Singaporeans also do that. The reason is Changi Airport is much more than just an airport.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - Mickey & Minnie Mouse photo op at Changi Airport
Mickey & Minnie Mouse photo op at Changi Airport, © Timotheus Lee for Asia Travel Gems

It is like a huge mall with lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and fast food eateries. There are also many points where there are fun activities, and even photo opportunities, just like the photo on the right.

This year, in 2017, air travelers named it the World’s Best Airport at the 2017 World Airport Awards. It earned the honor for the fifth year in a row.

Location of Changi Airport & Kinetic Rain

As you can see from the image below, Changi Airport is situated at the far east of the island. There are many ways to get there. I will just name the more common ways locals and tourists use.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - Singapore map show location of Changi Airport
Location of Changi Airport on Singapore map, source: Google Maps

How To Get To Changi Airport?

It is easy. Earlier I mentioned one of the ways – via the Singapore train system known as MRT. This is one of the most convenient and cheapest form of travel in Singapore. And the train takes you all the way to the airport.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - MRT Map
MRT & LRT System Map, source: transitlink

Whichever train line you are on, you can switch till you get on the Green Line.

Things To See In Singapore - Changi Airport Kinetic Rain - MRT to Changi Airport
From Tanah Merah to Changi Airport

The Green Line is also known as the East-West line. Go towards Pasir Ris direction.

When you reach Tanah Merah station, alight and take the line towards Changi Airport. It is only 2 stops away from Tanah Merah station.

There are other ways to get to Changi Airport; such as by bus, taxi or even your own car. I prefer the train and that is why I explain more about it here.

If you wish to take the bus, please go to the Singapore Bus Services website to find out more. If you choose by car, taxi or private rentals such as Grab or Uber, that is quite simple and easy. Just follow the signs on the road and around and at the airport to guide you.

How To Get To Kinetic Rain?

Usually, when I reach the Changi Airport MRT station, I will head towards Terminal 3. Note that there is no direct way to Terminal 1.

At Terminal 3, I look for the signs that direct me to the Sky Train. Go to the Sky Train platform, and wait for the shuttle train to arrive. The Sky Train will take you to Terminal 1.

Alight from the Sky Train when you reach Terminal 1. Walk out into the Departure Hall. Walk a little further into the center of the area, and you will surely see the Kinetic Rain.

That is all for this blog about this lovely and mesmerizing moving sculpture. I hope that if you visit Singapore, you take the time to see it.

We have come to the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Going to Singapore? Or know anyone who may like to visit this exciting city that is one of the Best Places to Visit in Asia? Please share this article.

If you have ANY questions about Changi Airport Kinetic Rain, Changi Airport or Singapore, ANY at all, please submit your questions as comments below. I will be happy to help you out.

Wishing you and your loved ones safe and happy travels.


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